Top Autumn Cities for 2017

By NH | 12:12

The weather is getting cooler, ochre colours are breaking out all over, and urban landscapes are changing. Autumn is most definitely here! Even if summer is over, why put travel on hold? If anything, it’s the perfect time to explore cultural capitals, warm islands, historic landmarks and beyond, and we’ve selected some of the best places to enjoy the season of change. These destinations will help you disconnect, break away from the daily routine, and make that perfect last-minute getaway.


A combination of lower temperatures and fewer tourists make autumn the perfect season to visit the capital of Portugal. The weather is idyllic for walking around its historic centre and to take in its numerous must-sees: iconic trams, the bohemian neighbourhood of Alfama, the enchanting narrow streets… the list goes on. It’s also an opportune moment to make your way to Belem and Sintra, two of the most famous, and perhaps loveliest, spots in the city.


Lisbon is one of oldest European cities, and it brims with ochre tones that strikes a beautiful contrast with the blues of the river and the ocean. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy this inspiring scenery from Miradouro and take amazing panoramic pictures?


Its terraces are still great for relaxing and whiling the day away, and Lisbon is a cheap destination perfect for spending a long weekend. Moreover, you will fall in love with its local dishes, ideal to take on the season: wine, cod, pasteis de Belem… Now just to decide which of our hotels in Lisbon you’ll pick.


Up next is one of Europe’s most charming destinations. It is an absolutely dream city with a mixture of Gothic and Czech baroque architecture and its parks are everything but disappointing. Also, have you ever heard of Kampa Island? It is one of the spots that you can’t miss when visiting the city. Its beautiful views of the city, with its charming buildings, the Vlatava River, and the Lennon Wall, make it the perfect place to get a feel for the city. Also, there you can find the shortest street in the city: X9 Jiřího Červeného Street X9. It’s only 27 metres long!


The beauty of Prague truly comes through during the months of Autumn due to the golden light and the fresh temperatures that breeze through its streets. For those days when temperatures are just a bit cooler than you’d like, treat yourself to Kulajda, a delicious traditional hot soup. And, as a last thought, have you ever considered Prague as a great choice for a romantic getaway? Beautiful narrow streets full of magic, history and petite restaurants perfect for a date with a special someone. Oh, and as an extra little curiosity, Prague is the only city that has a special day for lovers. So, what are you waiting for? Your hotel in Prague: NH Prague City.




Let’s go to the other side of the world and visit the little, yet fascinating capital city of Uruguay, Montevideo. With subtropical weather that’s warmer during the European Autumn season, it is an exotic and different choice that’s waiting to be explored.


Eating an asado at the maritime port market is a must when in Montevideo, as well as visiting the Pittlamiglio castle, an emblematic medieval-renaissance mansion where you can visit the Alchemy Museum and enjoy different cultural activities such as a theatre play or magic shows. You will also have time to enjoy the beauty of the little towns around like Minas, Colonia or Carmelo, quiet places with no tourists and to discover more of this amazing country. Such a complete trip in which you will, for sure, fall in love with its friendly people! Check out our NH Montevideo Columbia and start planning your trip!



Of course, Italy had to be included in our selection. Perfect for a 3 days getaway, we’re taking you to Palermo, the wonderful capital city of the island of Sicily. Why is Autumn worth your time to visit it? Firstly, everyone would rather avoid the extreme hot temperatures that Palermo flares up with in summer. During the months of October and November, they cool down and mild temperatures grace those that visit. In addition, it is the perfect destination to enjoy and discover the Italian charm on the Mediterranean sea.


You’ll be delighted by the beauty of Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, the clash architectural styles that range from Norman to neoclassical, the haphazard squares and winding streets, and the charm of its genuine traditional Italian markets. Autumn is of course the perfect time to visit Palermo’s main attractions, such as the International Museum of Puppetry, the Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio church in Piazza Bellini or gold laden Cappella Palatina, without having to wait on a long queue! Moreover, who doesn’t like delicious flavours of the Italian cuisine influenced by the Mediterranean gastronomy? Seafood and good wine for everyone! Do you know our hotel in the city, NH Palermo? Perfect for a weekend stay!



So, where are you going this Autumn?

  • posted by Mariann Lifwergren | 02 November 2017, 15:21,

    I just been to Santa Ponsa in Mallorca.
    And I will go to Brussels in February, and I will stay at the NH Collection Brussels Centre hotel 🙂
    I’m looking forward to this very much.

  • posted by NH | 07 November 2017, 11:01,

    We’re so happy to hear that you’ll be staying with us, Mariann. Though it’s getting chilly, make sure you go to our rooftop during the day to see the city from a different perspective.


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