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By Sergio González | 10:30

We want, we need to express ourselves and we yearn to share whatever we’ve generated inside. It’s always been there. Through time and history only artist’s works have survived as feelings of inner expression but nowadays, thanks to social networking, it’s open to everybody. Luckily, tourism is not a foreigner to these lands. You’ve always wanted to visit India but everytime you mention it your friends you seem to go absent-minded? Going trekking in Central Africa makes your wife pose a worrying dissuasive face? Neither your boyfriend nor your girlfriend want to watch your holiday photo-montage?

Well, as user-defined websites, travel communities might bring light to the end of the tunnel. A place to meet adventurous people willing to share your destiny while travelling untrodden lands or communicating your previous experience when surviving the New York sales. Since, according to Twain, some things can only be learnt by carrying a cat by its tail, other travellers’ experiences are the perfect source of information to plan any successful travel.


Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree forum is one of the most active ones. Its display is categorized by destinations, covering the whole world – with Africa and South America as trending topics. You just pick a spot you want to visit and start gathering information or if you feel creative, post your ideas of your last vacation; let the forum grow richer with your impressions. Matador Network is the king when it comes to posting photos and personal guides, focused on the work of amateur writers and photographers- don’t miss it if you fancy lively chats about tourism and travelling. It’s a good hotel review database too.

Reaching almost 500.000 members – and very active according to blogging and sharing activity- Traveller’s point is also very resourceful for planning. Its travel guide covers any imagined destination from Macau to Niagara Falls, putting together members’ experiencies and ideas. and Virtual tourist are on the same line, offering hotel reviews as well.

Feel comfortable in Facebook and don’t feel like leaving it? Try Travel Bloggers for a casual meeting in Phuket or some drinks and tango lessons in Buenos Aires. They let everybody know quite clearly it’s not meant to post photos or stories, but to promote and enjoy active online travelling. Another useful one to find people who share your lifestyle,

Not a single excuse is left for you to stay at home. Acommodation for any budget, travel mates and new friends to make and tons of information on what to see, drink and eat. Don’t waste a single minute and go visit any travel community to get help for planning your next holidays. Have fun and don’t forget sun screen if you go South!

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    I am a travel lover and love to share my experience about traveling, its really nice idea to exchange our travel experience to each other. I am active members in many traveling forums and Lonely planet also a good

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    That’s great to hear! Sounds like you are very familiar with these type of communities! Thanks for sharing it with us! 🙂

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    I really enjoyed this article about travel communities around the world. It shares a good wealth of information, tip and resources on this topic.

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    Thanks Jason! We’re glad you found it useful! Do you belong to any travel communities?

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    Travel communities around the globe are spreading and the adventurous people are getting the best knowledge to make the trip successful. Thanks for sharing.


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