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Inspired by the survey published few days ago by Lonely Planet tittled Mobile apps for travel, what are you using? we decided to create our own Top 10 Travel Apps so you make the most of the summer season. So, whether you have decided to “go around the world in 80 days” or simply to organise a day trip, these apps might be very useful.

1. Google Maps. The king of travel apps. Massively known, it is a web mapping service application that offers street maps, a route planner for traveling by foot, car, or public transport and an urban business locator for numerous countries around the world.

2. Triplt. As same as Google Maps, this app includes a route planner service but also a road trip planner, useful information about destinations and city guides.

3. Flextrip. With Flextrip users can broadcast their plans and receive offers for activities during their trip. The application will send out personalized offers and deals for loads of activities and things to do during the trip. Only information about where and when is needed to get the best deals automatically.

4. Travel Toolkit. This application includes all the tools needed for a trip abroad: Flight Status, Travel Itinerary (with TripIt Integration), Currency Converter, Unit Converter, Travel Rewards. What else do you need?

5. Anti Sleep pilot. In case you are driving… Anti Sleep Pilot is a smartphone application that can prevent fatigue-related driving accidents. It calculates fatigue levels while driving and continuously maintains driver’s alertness through simple tests.

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6. ArrivedOK. A mobile application for travelers to instantly notify friends and family when the traveller arrives at his/her destination. In fact, ArrivedOK performs a Personal Arrival Tracking rather then just flight tracking. It tracks the cell phone in the visiting mobile network when it is switched on upon the arrival. Then, a ‘Arrived OK’ SMS message is sent to the list of recipients.

7. TruPhone. With Tru users pay only local rates for calls, texts and data instead of expensive roaming rates, anywhere inside their Global Network. Also, colleagues, friends and family can call them on their cell phones, wherever they are, without paying the price of an international call.

8. Currency. Used to check conversion rates for more than 100 currencies worldwide with Currency. It allows to choose a master currency, enter an amount, and see what that souvenir would cost back home.

9.  WeatherBug. WeatherBug provides users with the latest weather for their location, including live current conditions, forecasts, local severe weather alerts, animated Doppler radar and more.

10. World Atlas HD for iPad. Ok, probably not very useful nowadays but isn’t it beautiful? This application has been designed by National Geographic specifically for iPad and it performs the most impressive high resolution maps full of details and extreme accuracy.

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