Destination: The Moon

By Sergio González | 10:15

Since transportation and communications revolution blasted off past 20th century, it seems our planet is getting narrower as we speak. Fifty years ago only the rich would cross oceans to find themselves tanning in heavenly beaches or buying designer clothes in a fashion capital; nowadays this has changed deeply. Travelling thousands of miles to reach any corner of the world is now affordable for millions– also a passion for many of us- and there are quite a few people who have been lucky enough to be everywhere in the world. Does it mean it’s off? Do we have to resign? Well, if something defines mankind is that we seem to have no limits – “tell me the maximun I can reach, just to let you know when I beat it.”

Some big companies are starting to think beyond and, by allowing their imagination and resources to fly unrestrained, the first space voyages might be here for almost anyone willing to lose gravity. You may remember a slight American millionaire of intelligent eyes, Dennis Tito, who in 2001 became the first tourist to travel to space – he paid $20 million for one week with limited  space to move around but the most amazing views ever.

A decade later, prices are dropping two figures allowing thousands of future players into the game. Still too much; but if this diminishing rythm is to continue, soon we could be seeing families orbiting togther to celebrate grandma’s ninetieth birthday. Imagine how it would be to set your feet on The Moon or have yourself pictured over the Earth, gracefully holding the Globe – and quickly uploading it to Facebook – as thousands do today with the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Virgin Atlantic, odd to no-one as a flying company, has an intrepid sister, Virgin Galactic, which is getting ready to send tourists to space altitude in the following years; dozens of successful tests have been conducted so far and the mood is very optimistic. Virgin’s space riding is supposed to start timidly, with a 70.00 feet high sub-orbital journey , far away from the exosphere – our last protecting layer which merely reaches 32.000.

Virgin is offering these deals -including training on ground, zero-gravity flights and hanging out with sir Richard Branson in his private resorts– for $200.000; they even have a discount -6 seats for the price of 5- if you make your reservation for a charter flight. Given the enormous tasks these guys are assuming, the dates for the dazzling maiden voyage is still hard to pinpoint but hundreds of travellers – among them some scientists and celebrities we all know- have already booked to be the first ones.

Space Adventures prouds itself for being the pioneer -and currently the single one- in launching commercial flights into space, in partnership with Roscosmos, the Russian Federal Space Agency. They’ve helped Tito and several other high-tech fortunes make their dream come true. Currently, their offer is quite impressive with both orbital and sub-orbital flights available, but yet for the most fortunate ones.

Their most astounding package holidays? Get ready for this- a flight to The Moon. On board of a Soyuz spacecfrat, passengers are launched at 25.000 mph into Earth’s orbit. Up there, they join a rocket booster which will lead their way towards the far side of The Moon, orbiting our satellite for several days for a complete circumnavigation of the old lunar deity. Moon surface won’t be trodden this time, yet tickects will soon sold out. If you want a pinch of our solar system taste but don’t count yourself among Forbes list, Space Adventures offers tours around their launching site, spacewalk simulation or astronaut training for more reasonable prices.

Do you have piles of money collecting dust in an underground vault? Are you tired of that lovely private island of yours? Bold and adventurous? Willing to challenge your boundaries and make science-fiction writers and visionary revelations come to life? If you answered yes, maybe it’s time for you to start thinking about an inspiring catch phrase for your trip back home.

Photo Credit: Malenkov in Exile

Photo Credit: Dreaming in the deep South

  • posted by Luis Enrique Chavez | 05 July 2012, 12:29,


    wooo! ese viaje seria unos de los mejores mas espectaculares que haya vivo! espero y este al alcanze de todos, para poder vivir esa experiencia y los Hoteles NH son lo mejor!

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    Hola Luis! La verdad es que sí, ¡tiene que ser un viaje increíble! ¿Te sueles quedar en nuestros hoteles muy a menudo?

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    Thank you very much! We’re happy you enjoyed it and found it useful. Please come back and visit our blog frequently for more interesting posts daily!

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