Green neighbourhoods: The Grand Large District

The Grand Large District

If few weeks ago we dedicated a post to the sustainable development model in Stockholm Hammarby Sjöstad,  now it is the turn of another green neighbourhood: The French Grand Large District.

The Grand Large District in Dunkirk is a sustainable model of urban development which central goal is to assimilate the city back into the seaside docks, creating a variety of buildings and public spaces. The development was designed by Agence Nicolas Michelin & Associés (A/NM/A) headed by Nicholas Michelin and attempts to refocus attention to the town’s docks.

The Grand Large District

Within the district, different types of building and public spaces merge creating an unique atmospher. According to A/NM/A “the Grand Large district lies in a special urban context: between the city and the sea, between seaside resort aesthetic and port aesthetic, and between residential and communal.”

This diversity in the constructions and the social mix generates a lively neighbourhood in which the landmarks benefit from original perspectives: the view of the Grand Large Hotel from Rue Degans, the green opening towards the planted ramparts, and the views of the singular buildings from the quaysides.

The construction of the Grand Large District marks the beginning of the second phase of the Neptune Project. Launched in 1991, the Neptune Project’s central goal is to upgrade existing municipal infrastructure in order to create a greener community and living environment. The project incorporates a range of sustainable building strategies including rainwater collection and renewable energy while addressing the economic and social needs of the community.

The Grand Large District

Motor traffic is only allowed on access roads, giving pedestrians priority. The constructions include a semicircular park lined with individual homes, a wharf with gabled structures, green terraces and U-shaped gardens in the center of individual lots. The buildings are set alongside social areas, setting the stage for a lively neighborhood for all to enjoy.

216 dwellings have been made up during the first phase of the development but it has been planned that 8000 to 1000 dwellings will be housed by the end of the final stage of the project.

Photo credits: Stéphane Chalmeau

Via A/NM/A

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