nhow Berlin, stay for music and design

nhow Berlin is the only hotel in Europe that has two professional studios for music, recording and mixing. They are managed by staff from the famous Hansa Studios – where, amongst others, U2, REM and David Bowie recorded. You love music and design? Then this is your hotel!

Located between Universal and MTV, next to one of the most modern multi-functional arenas worldwide and the trendiest clubs in the city, nhow Berlin offers an exclusive guitar room service. The nhow Berlin, situated on the banks of the river Spree, is the result of the overall idea that emphasises contrasts, based on the tension between the rather strict architectural style of the building, designed by the German architect Sergei Tchoban, and the powerful, colourful “Pop-Art” interior design, created by the New York Star-Designer Karim Rashid.

The hotel is austere in appearance and at the same time bold, with its overhanging facade and huge glass windows overlooking the River Spree. The hotel has an amazing view: the giant picture of the floating sculpture of “The Molecule man” (31 metres high weighing 45 tonnes in three silhouettes in aluminium that seem to float on the current thought up by the sculptor Jonathan Borofsky) and, in the background the elegant red profile of the Oberbaum Bridge, which now connects the area of Friedrichshain with Kreuzberg.

The architect Sergei Tchoban and the designer Karim Rashid faced a challenge at two levels: assuming the industrial style of the local architecture, austere, linear, contained, at the same time as adapting it to contemporary taste for an environment of variety, non-conformity and seeking new principle: vibrant, trend-breaking, present-day. The final result emphasises the contrast and is based on the tension between a rather strict architectural style and the cheerfully playful interior design of the building.

Tchoban has designed the three towers of the hotel with a rigorous clinker façade. Together with the crane like structure of the 8th and 10th storey of the Upper Tower, which hang over the banks of the Spree in a 21 metre area, the building is a reminiscence of the old image of the port city. An irregular series of windows and a large set of windows on the facade complete the external image of nhow Berlin.

After going in through the entrance doors, on the contrary, a poetical, colourful, almost surreal universe dreamed up by Karim Rashid invades visitors with its typically amorphous, mutable shapes and its strong, bright colours, which spread to all the furniture and design objects inside nhow Berlin.

Constant developments and rethinking one’s position on an ongoing basis are part of the fascination of Berlin. This artistic concept, – inside and outside – of the hotel, has involved the close collaboration of major gallery owners of the city. The hotel is thus an integral part and a protagonist of the creative scene in Berlin.

If you haven’t been to Berlin yet this hotel might be the perfect place to stay for the first time in the German city for music and design par excellence. If you already know Berlin, you will discover a different side of the city for sure!

  • posted by music recording coll | 18 June 2012, 13:13,

     Many recording engineers also invented new technology, equipment and …. music schools have initiated audio engineering programs.

  • posted by courtney | 18 June 2012, 16:32,

    Thanks for sharing! It seems like recording engineers have come a long way through the years. Have you stayed at the nhow in Berlin before?


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