The room of the future: how will it be?

By NH | 13:39

The room of the future
It´s not easy to image the room of a hotel 20 years from now. There are several research and commercial project that try to approach on how a room of a hotel looks like in 2034. In many of them, IT companies imagine a hyperconnected room where the guest can see the screen of the devices projected on a transparent wall or even in the table or can interact with a digital concierge to decide places to visit and how to go there. May be it looks fancy and pretentious, but some of the applications and services could become useful.

Microsoft, Toshiba, Bang&Olufsen, PayTouch, Roca, and Guardian Glass are some of the companies that cooperate to design how it would be the future hotel rooms. In the last experience, the Spanish Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero put all the technology together and try to figure out the final result.

Use your fingers to open doors or to access hotel services could not be a reality within 20 years but more immediate. The system will provide safety to guests and hotel workers and everyone who enters and leaves will be recorded in computer systems. Payment for services performed within the hotel can also be made with the fingerprint, a simple and secure method for payments.

The temperature of the water, the intensity of the lights or the temperature of the room can be selected from the devices to be connected with the systems of the room. The host can set all parameters to their preference from one device.

But the room of the future has also saved room for personal image. The mirror is an interactive feature that displays on the host’s body the best combination of clothing that are in the closet, as imagined the drafters of the room.

The environment also can be decorated to suit the client: walls with all clear or dark colors, all graduated through the LED lights and screens that envelop the room.
The shower, sink and toilet will incorporate water-saving systems and it is likely that the hot water comes from solar panels, accessible technology today but could be extended in many of the hotels in the next twenty years.

The future will tell the innovations that were just imagination and the others that will become reality.

  • posted by Aman Gupta | 30 September 2014, 7:39,

    Nice and great thought for future. After that it is easy to use room services for customers..

  • posted by Shaun Brannach | 23 May 2015, 22:04,

    Super quality hotels, in great locations. Its interesting that there doesn’t appear to be any in Ireland.

  • posted by Shaun Brannach | 23 May 2015, 22:06,

    Great quality hotels in great location. I find it interesting that there are none in Ireland.


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