Finally… working at the hotel!


We woke as usual at 07.30 to go down to breakfast in Adigrat as always. We went up fast to work at the hotel. Today I started teaching the reservation system to the receptionists. It’s a bit difficult because they are very shy and ashamed to practice. After several attempts they got the hang of it and now they know how to enter reservations in the system which is a big improvement.

Today we ate at the Lodge. Some people went down to get some pizzas and we ate them on the wonderful terrace at the Lodge. After lunch, I immediately went with Penny to enter reservations  and I began to explain the check-in system. However, there was a little error so we have only been able to explain how to do a check-in. Hopefully we will carry on with the rest of system tomorrow.


We are really happy to be here. A good team has been formed. We have a great time even though we have to work a lot on things related to our work and many other things,. But the weather is good, it’s very sunny and we try to make the most of it!


We have washed our clothes so we finally have clean clothes! As the hotel is not still opened, there are no lines installed yet so we have used some chairs to put our clothes to dry under the shinny sun. Nice!

Today we are having lunch at the hotel. Giovanni’s cooking!


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