What a hard day. Today it was my last morning at the lodge. Hellen and Tirhas were finishing some kunanos they didn’t finished yesterday because they didn’t have rubber bands.

It’s time to say goodbye. I could not contain my tears. Everybody told me that they feel very lucky to have met Giovanni and I, and to have received our training. I think that we, Giovanni and I, are luckier than them. We have spent one wonderful month with all the staff. They are very professional. Their enthusiasm and their desire to improve made us work even harder.

 I’ve seen a very big change from the beginning until now and I feel so happy. I think we’ve done a good job, and the best, we have many new Ethiopian FRIENDS. I will come back to visit them, for sure. I promised them. After saying goodbye I went to Mekelle with Teresa, Chapela and the manager. They came with me to the airport to tell me goodbye. No more tears 😉

I spent the night in Addis Abeba, where a taxi driver called Asmara, recommended by Teresa, dropped me off to do the last Christmas purchases in Ethiopia.


Ada Pérez.



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