Hiking in Adigrat


Today it has been a fantastic day. We had a wonderful hike to see the marvellous views from Adigrat. We had a sunny day. We walked for 6 hours, we reached up to 3000 metres altitude, we have seen orthodox churches,  people separating the wheat from the chaff, children with their goats, sweet little donkeys, sheep and cows, a real insight into Ethiopian rural life.

When we arrived back to Adigrat, our friendly guide Kiros invited us to visit his house. It was just one room about 2×2 meters. He offered us some of the local food, injera with spicy sauce but we thought it was better to decline. Afterwards we went to an underground cafe (actually behind a curtain) where we enjoyed the coffee ceremony and ate popcorn which is very typical.

  • posted by Judit | 30 November -0001, 0:00,

    Genial, que ens vagis posant al dia… Ara he de llegir a poc a poc i buscar el wordreference!!!! me n’alegro que gaudeixis tantíssim aquests dies allà! Una abraçada moooolt forta!!!!Espero veure’t per vacances de Nadal!!

  • posted by Jose Angel | 30 November -0001, 0:00,

    Hi Ada and Team!!Thanks a lot for keeping us informed about your great job and initiatives in Ethiopia. I really envy you and I’d like to be with you there, teaching and learning from everything and everybody.I’m counting down the days to be with you in Cubelles, listening from you, actively, your experiences and anecdotes.I miss you so much Ada and I’m very proud of you!!!Big kiss from Cubelles!!


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