Today I’ve been working with Desta the manager to check again all the procedures I’ve been teaching him during this month. Now I think Desta is very well prepared to manage the hotel. He has received training during one month in administration and in service quality and he knows exactly what to do in every moment.

I’ve finished my training with the manager. We have had a meeting with Teresa, Desta the manager and I to explain to him the shifts for the staff. Teresa and I organized the shifts for all the departments regarding the schedules for the different services offered by the lodge (breakfast, lunch, dinner and bar) for all the departments. We had  to organize a method of transport for all the staff because the lodge is located 5 km from the city Adigrat, and it’s very dangerous for the staff, mostly girls, to go on foot from the city to the lodge. Finally Teresa and I were happy with the shifts and when we explained it to Desta he also agreed, so…fantastic!!

As we had some free time before lunch, some of the staff decided to give me some kunanos (braids). We had a great time, with 7 or 8 girls surrounding me and touching my head and my hair….wow, so relaxing!!! They explained to me that I was like a bride before getting married. In the rural zones, like in Adigrat when a girl is going to get married, all her friends braid the brides hair.  
In the evening we had a meeting with ADCS in order to inform them about the real situation of the lodge. In my opinion the lodge can open once they have solved some maintenance issues they still have. Regarding the staff, they are very well trained, they are motivated, and they want to start as soon as possible. They have a lot of excitement and they can offer a very high quality of service. Desta, the manager, is very well prepared also and he can manage the hotel with very high quality.


Ada Pérez.

  • posted by Norbert Breitsameter | 30 November -0001, 0:00,

    Hi! As I live in Mekelle, I would be very interesting in knowing the name of this new lodge near Adigrat. I assume that it is alredy open? Please give me some information, I would like to spend the Pentecoste Weekend there! Greetings, Norbert


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