Nice lunch in the restaurant



Today we have been working a lot. In the morning I was teaching Desta & Desta (manager and accountant) about the administration of the lodge. It’s very satisfactory to see that they understand what I explain to them. While they were practising many exercises, I helped (with the help of Penny)  the receptionists to do some more exercises regarding the meals and the communication with the restaurant and kitchen depts. The front desk department is learning so much. It seems they enjoy learning and I am very happy to know that the knowledge is increasing every day.

We had a fantastic lunch in the restaurant served by Letteabreham. We are so happy because the service was really good and there was nothing that needed changing about the service of the waitresses. In the afternoon I continued teaching Desta the accountant about the inventory system. He understood everything in the application, so today it has been a great day.

Giovanni has been cooking with the cooks and has been practising the precooking process. It’s difficult for them to understand how to prepare all the ingredients to offer a quick service because during the meal they don’t have much time to prepare the dishes. They have difficulty in understanding that they have to leave the ingredients half cooked.


Here is one picture of Teresa from Manos Unidas and I smiling. We are having a fantastic time. She is lovely, and she is like a mum to us. She’s totally recovered from the flu.


Ada Pérez



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