On our way to… Africa!


I arrived at Barajas with butterflies in my stomach and a huge smile on my face to take the 16.00 flight to Rome. I took the trip to continue working a little more and the truth is it went by pretty quickly. I had a long, boring wait in Rome until 00.15 when I  boarded the plane, where I would meet for the first time Giovanni, my project partner, chef of NH Fiera Milano.

We arrived to Addis Ababa at 6 in the morning, 8 in the morning local time (from now on I will tell you the local time because that’s when I changed the time on my clock). We passed the time chatting, eating breakfast, dozing and yawning until we caught the 15.15 flight to Mekelle. I guess it goes without saying that as soon as we sat down we passed out sleeping until landing.


There are so many people walking down the street, with their herds of goats and other animals, some carrying huge bales, children returning home from school running … until I fell asleep. We arrived  to the shelter at 19.30 in the afternoon, Giovanni with 17 hours and I with 25 hours of travel on our backs.

So we are going to sleep, good night 😉


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