Rock Hewn Churches


Today, Teresa, Chapela and I, visited two Rock Hewn Churches.  Desta, the accountant, came with us because the driver is deaf and he only speaks tigriña, so we need someone to help us with the communication. It was really interesting to imagine how the people could build that constructions.

The first one we visited was called Saint Mary of Sion, in Wukro, a city located approx 40 km far away from our lodge.  We had to take off our shoes before go into the church as a respect symbol. Teresa of Manos Unidas recommended that I should not leave my socks because there were millions of flews jumping around.

The priest, very peculiar, showed us the church, he explained that it was “built” in the IV century and we could see that it had been burned under Queen Judith’s order under the orders of Queen Judith in the Middle Ages. All the Rock Hewn Churches in the area, more than one hundred were burned by Queen Judith. He showed also an instrument similar to our bells.


The second church we visited is called Abraha at Baha, in Abraha at Baha village. Another rock hewn church. The landscape was marvellous. A very big red rock ahead welcomed us. When we went into the church, also burned, we could see a lot of frescos paintings of biblical passages in Eithiopia are very typical in Ethiopia. When we left the church many children were trying to sell us marine fossils collected in the area. Hundreds of years ago there was a sea.


After that visit we went to a Lodge situated one hour from Adigrat to have lunch and we came back to the Agoro lodge. We could see little groups of houses made of “stone blocks”, lots of animals eating grass, and we could also see fantastic landscapes with big rock mountains.


Ada Pérez.


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