The food at the Lodge



One of the things I enjoyed the most in Ethiopia was the food. Now that I am back in Spain I can really appreciate how amazing my experience was. Food is very different there. Tasty, with different textures, colors and combinations.

We could taste so many fresh salads in the lodge… The cooks cooked really well. They prepared for us every day a different menu. Here you are some examples:

The one you can see on above these lines is a fresh salad made of tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, beetroot and beans.

Fresh salad with egg, potatoes, onion, carrots and tomatoes.


This dish is called schich kebab, typical in Ethiopia. It’s a brochette with veal meat, onions and tomatoes, with some rice with tomatoe sauce.


Some handmade biscuits with chocolate.



Fresh salad with lettuce, beetroot, onion and tomatoes.


Muffin with melted chocolate.


Ada Pérez.


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