The Giuliani calendar



Ethiopia is the only country in the world where they use a different calendar. They use the Giuliani calendar instead of the Gregorian, which is the one used in the rest of the world. They have 12 months of 30 days and 1 month with 5 or 6 days (every 4 years) which is called pagumen.

Today I’ve gone to the bank with Teresa to change some money and I could see that in Ethiopia yesterday it was the 6th of April 2004!! They also have different time. When for us it’s 6.00 AM for them it’s 12.00 AM. When for us it’s 07.00 AM for them it’s 13.00AM…..Really it seems as if I have travelled in time. The markets are as the ones from the Middle ages, people walking everywhere, goats and cows eating grass in the middle of the street, horse drawn carriages…. Ethiopia is really different. And I like it!!!



Last Wednesday the staff decided to give us a surprise. After our lunch in the restaurant they prepared for us a new coffee ceremony on the terrace of the lodge. As usual they prepared the ceremony on some leaves. We could eat some popcorn, oranges, biscuits,  there was incense, the coffee pot… during the ceremony we danced Spanish and tigriña songs –typical songs of the Tigray’s region.  We laughed a lot. They dance moving their shoulders. Really fun!

Ada Pérez


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