Giovanni and me were in Ethiopia almost one year ago. Even though I think of my new Ethiopian friends very often, I can’t have a good relationship with them because communication is sometimes difficult. But I do have communication with the wonderful team of Manos Unidas who we stayed with in the country and I have been catching up on the Lodge news. 


The first “customers” came after our departure, they were friends of Chapela who visited the country at the end of last year, and they decided go and see her at the Lodge. They were delighted with the service and the food. So I congratulated the entire team and encouraged them to continue like that! Although the Lodge is not officially opened yet, they have been receiving several customers who came through local tour operators and they have been also delighted, which has helped the staff gain practice and confidence.

Now we are waiting for the official opening! After a year of hard work it’s time to show that they are true professionals and they enjoy giving quality service


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