The market in Idaga Hamus


Today I’ve visited a new pottery market in Idaga Hamus. I’ve gone with Chapela and Desta, the accountant. Teresa could not come with us because we were expecting a visit from some new plumbers. After waiting for them for 5 days, they decided to come just today!
The market was smaller than the one we visited in Selkelka last weekend. There was an area with pottery sellers, an area with plastic shoes, an area with spices, an area with clothes and an area where we could find millions of typical foulards.
Chapela and I were the only white people in the market. Children followed us and people asked us for money. Sellers and buyers of the market watched us with curiosity. I liked the market we visited last weekend much more because today the local people tried to sell us their products at a higher price. Desta the accountant helped us to communicate with the sellers, because they only speak tigriña, the language of the region.


Ada Pérez


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