Visiting the market and a typicall coffee place

We woke at 07.30 as usual because they come to pick us up at 08.00. Without water and light. 3rd day without showering . We went for breakfast at Johannes IV, black coffee, delicious brioche and orange juice. After breakfast we reached the hotel and we set out to work with our teams respectively. The director started to explain the business plan, and Giovanni has continued organizing and cleaning the kitchen, he has brought the material (pots, pans, knives, potato peeler, spoons…).


We went down to meet the people, at the ethnic restaurant Geza Gerelase where there was a large table for tourists and we could see the coffee ceremony at the forefront. The coffee ceremony consists of preparing the coffee on the ground of a hideous brightmulti-colored robe, and a box with several cups and saucers on top. There is also a kind of hearth where they roast raw coffee over beans. The girl is dressed in an Ethiopian costume. White with bright colors. After roasting the coffee, I smell it and then they take him to grind it and he brings it ready in a dark ceramic jar. To serve in the cups they do it from high up,as if they were pouring cider, but with coffee.

We were also able to visit the local market, what an experience. It is so different.



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