Awesome pools around the world

Autumn arrived and it is quite cold now in the Northern Hemisphere. Wouldn’t it be nice to be right now somewhere else? Maybe a warm and exotic place? A beach? Or… you would probably enjoy a dip in one of this awesome swimming pools around the world. Some of the are located in spectacular and wild places. Some others are just in the heart of cosmopolitan European cities. But all of them are absolutely amazing. Take a look and picture yourself swimming in one of them… wouldn’t it be nice?

Nemo 33 (featuring photo)

It gets its name after Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo character from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, while 33 indicates the maximum depth reached in metres. It is located at the Recreational Diving center in Belgium and it is the world’s deepest recreational pool. Three years of studies were needed to define the limits of the project. Twenty-one versions were tested, always looking for the highest standards on safety, comfort of the divers and sustainability.

Miyazaki Ocean Dome 

In this Japanese indoor beach the sky is always blue and sometimes, when the weather is good outside, they open the roof to let in the sunlight. It is located in Miyazaki (Kyushu) and  the beach is the ideal place to spend a day “out” since the temperatures is perfect, the waves are optimal for surfing and the sand is fine and white. All artificial, of course. Ocean Dome is nearly 100 meters long beach, the longest indoor beach in the world. In addition, there are shops and restaurants where you can eat or have a drink.


Hotel Intercontinental

A luxury hotel with awesome views of Victoria bay and the island of Hong Kong. It has large swimming indoor areas. The big outdoor pool is heated and next to it there are three spa areas. Glass walls make it possible for the clients to not miss a detail of a privileged environment. Views at night are stunning!



Photo credits: 1) Fred buyle – Deeperblue  2) Megatall  3) Interestingfiles

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