A 2.0 meeting with our Social Media Manager, a girl with a British touch

By Sergio González | 10:15

This is the kind of the interview we like sharing most with our community. After almost a couple of years since NH Hoteles embarked in social media and after the joining of its activity in the Communications and Corporate Affairs department last January, led by Ida Gutiérrez de Escofet, Corporate Director of this area, Ana Escurín joined NH Hoteles on  June the 1st  as the Social Media Manager. 

Ana is backed by a long experience in social media and, above all, a deep knowledge of the NH world. She took part in the design and implementation of the social media strategy for NH Hoteles, elbow to elbow with marketing agency Territorio Creativo -which helped us a lot in reaching our social media goals. Who better than her to assume this new position in the company?

First of all, congratulations on your promotion, you have just taken the first official position as Social Media Manager in NH Hoteles. How has the process been? What are the targets and focus for NH?

Thanks a lot, I’m really happy and excited about this new responsibility.

The process has been a natural evolution, the most logical move in the ideal moment to consolidate this position within the company. We started our venture in social media in November of 2010 and 4 after months of intense work defining the strategy –and Fitur 2011- we started our own corporate communities on Facebook and Twitter. Working globally at first to later refine our strategy to more local levels, always in line with company communications tactics.

During 2011, the basics of the future strategy and the relationship model with company divisions were displayed. In 2012 we are working to cover more defined areas of our business, based on promotions, brand awareness, communication and engagement in social networks, as well as quality improvement. This is the reason why the time was perfect to create this position.

My specific tasks are to give a global corporate vision in social media, guarantee that every marketing, communications and recruitment action is in line with the  corporate strategy for that area. Guarantee information flows from us to every division and vice versa.

 What’s NH vision about social networking and its importance in hospitality industry?

In the hospitality industry, as in many others, the impact of social networking has been very important for the last two years. That’s why it’s one of the business sectors with the most used networks.

The traveler utilizes social networks along all the process of travelling: from planning and booking, sharing the experience while there and recommending or not the visited place after.

The information provided by the traveler is essential to know directly and immediately, without middle people, about the likings and preferences of our customers. What they like and don’t about our services, improvement areas or innovation in new products development. At the same time, the traveler asks for information about our services provided by certain hotel, its location, facilities, thing to do around; a two way street/bidirectional relationship that must be cared and cultivated.

How’s the everday management of your job? And coordinating with the other divisions?

The interaction is on a daily basis, ceaseless and intense with every division. My main task is to bring together every social media corporate action, be the guarantor of information flowing till local level, where there is a Managing Director of Communication, Social Media and Corporate Affairs and a person in the Social Media group. 

Besides the relationship with business divisions, I keep a very close one with other company areas: quality, bookings, brand & product, CSR and promotions with he goal to work together to define the positioning in the areas in a 2.0 sphere.

At divisions level, it must be up to their activity and evolution, watch for unity of editorial planning among the diverse social networks and keep them informed about the actions we undertake. A great deal of my time is spent leading and coordinating with the travel agencies we work with and watch that their work matches our communication line.

How do you use social networks in your personal life, how do you mingle them in your day-to-day life.

For me, I use them keep updated on my interests -music, concerts, new bands- and share my experiences. I am not an opinion nor trend generator but I like sharing my hobbies with my friends and followers.

On a more professional ground, social networks are the key to generate contacts with other people from the sector, keep up-to-date with the lastest trends and achieve business success.

You are backed with an extensive professional career– as well as working with NGOs- and you are a recurrent author in several social network marketing blogs such as the Territorio Creativo blog (Spanish) and Mis Apis por tus Cookies (Spanish) where you always deal with third sector and social network issues. What best practices in this environment could be applied to the hotel business?

Although my experience has been diverse and heterogeneous –from marketing agencies to financial sector- they all have contributed to set me where I am. I especially treasure –I think it’s been fundamental- my international education and working experience  not only because I learnt another language but also the understanding of other cultures, different working manners and rhythms.

The 2.0 environment in the Tertiery Sector is still in a start-up phase so there are not many practices that can be carried over to the hotel industry. In the last post I published (Spanish) in Mis Apis for your Cookies, in particular, I discuss this topic. Unfortunately, there are not too many good experiences in 2.0 for the tertiery sector that can be applied into the hospitality industry since social networking still isn’t an important part of their day-to.day. In the last post I published in Mis Apis for your Cookies, in particular, I discuss this topic. There are many opportunities for these organizations that are yet to explore.

We know you are a huge fan of British culture  and that you’ve lived for many years in the UK. We are enjoying the Olympics in London and we’d love it if you shared with us the best spots in the capital.

Since for many, this visit to London will be the first one, I would recommend them to get out of the main stream touristic areas and be blown by real London.

No doubt the first must is the Instagramers meeting next August 4th –to be closed at an event in NH Kengsinton Hotel. You’ll wander the streets taking photos of London landmarks.

One of the most special places for me is Cocktail Bar at Tate Modern. The museum rises over the Thames and the bar offers the best views at any time. The best to have something there is Saturday afternoon when they close late, 10pm. Just opposite the bar, St James and its famous bridge: the views are mind-blowing at dusk.

The first, of course would be to attend Instagramers meeting to be held on August 4 you can go around and take pictures of the most emblematic parts of the city which end with a meeting at the NH Kensington Hotel. 

The new fashionable Brick Lane district is the best plan for a Sunday morning. Considered one of the most creative and underground areas in London, more and more art galleries, photographers’ studios and craft workshops are being established. I find it the most Mediterranean part of London: it’s easy to see groups of friends having vermouth at the street –when weather allows so- or enjoying long chats after a meal in any of its restaurants.

To finish, attending a festival in Victoria Park is compulsory during London summer. The themes -like the audience- are wide in diversity. Music, gastronomy, for kids…anyone is good if the mood is to share a day you’re your friends enjoying one of the most beautiful parks of the capital.



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