Antonio Gómez Cava: Turning a hobby into a profession

By Courtney Imel | 12:49

Antonio Gómez Cava, Golf sales manager in Sotogrande

Today we introduce you a very special NH Friend, Antonio Gómez Cava is the current Golf Sales Manager at Sotogrande in Cadiz. At 33 years, with a background of 13 years experience in the golf world, this NH employee has made his hobby his profession and his passion his profession. 

What were your true beginnings in the world of golf?

My beginnings in the world of golf date back to 1999, when I started working at the famous San Roque Club where my work fit in well with golf course operations and my Labor Law Degree. It was at that time that work began as a means to fulfill me professionally, and the world of golf became my true passion.

Why did you decide to join NH Hoteles Sotogrande? 

The sales team, then formed by Ricardo Andrades and Arjan Ten, is what originally attracted me. The project was very interesting and ambitious for golf Sotogrande and Almenara Golf Resort. They were observing my career for months, until I was convinced to be part of the sales team. 

What senior positions do you hold in the famous urbanization? 

I am the sales manager at Golf Almenara. Our course features 27 holes, a golf resort  with 148 hotel rooms over the Almenara. La Reserva de Sotogrande, private and exclusive 18 holes for a select customer profile. The target of each golf course is very different, since one is more related to marketing via hotel residents and tour operators, and the other is a product that does not depend on marketing, but rather on service, excellence and quality.

We see you are very active in the online world and social networks. Do you use it personally or professionally?

I use it as a tool for generating contacts. In my blog: I write about professional sales and marketing articles on golf courses and resorts, and the truth is that I get at lot of contacts that later help me develop my commercial work at our golf resort. 

Do you play often? What handicap do you have? What is your favorite golf course?

I play this great game for professional circumstances, many of the business meetings held at the golf course, my handicap is 13 and game and I play as entertainment with my friends whenever I leave work, in my spare time I have competitions and activities throughout the year. I love all the golf courses in our development. 

Where do you usually spend the summer? 

It may seem that this interview is set-up, but I spend summer in Sotogrande and its surroundings. I don’t need to travel far, in the settlement area I can enjoy the best beaches in the country, the best golf courses, polo fields, a marina with numerous activities, one luxury development and enviable restoration. Why go anywhere else? 

Golf course at NH Sotogrande

Why do you think the Sotogrande golf course is appealing to players?

To talk about Sotogrande, is to speak of “excellence and quality.” We have had very important international impact events, such as the Ryder Cup in 1997, which put us on the world map for golfing and numerous American Express tournaments, Volvo Masters, Spanish Golf Opens, etc. This whole story is very attractive to our customers, important personalities live here who enjoy the anonymity and discretion of our development. 

How would you compare the customer service available at a resort versus a hotel? 

A resort is a vacation destination, guests can find many activities, such as sports, wellness and relaxation, outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding, and fine dining. I describe it in a nutshell: Relax, health, welfare, family, sports, and security.

What type of customers go to the Sotogrande resort? Couples? Families?

Sotogrande attracts  customers looking for a tourism “quality”. Fundamentally families and couples as well as groups of school sports teams throughout the winter.

Can you tell us three reasons to go to the Sotogrande resort? 

1. Quality, safety and relaxation in your urbanization with fantastic luxury villas.
2. We have the best sports facilities: golf courses, polo fields, sailing in the marina.
3. Typical Cadiz cuisine and wonderful beaches. 

What beaches do you recommend in Sotogrande? 

The beach at Puerto de Sotogrande, is a very quiet and the activity zones are combined with activities for families.


  • posted by Jorge Gutierrez | 08 August 2013, 7:30,

    Congratulations Antonio for the great interview and your trajectory in Sotogrande and NH Hotels. You are a great asset for your company in your commercial and operations tasks.

    Your managers should know this about you and what you are doing for its corporation in the golf and hospitality industry.

    Jorge Gutierrez


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