Mª Dolores, nhow Milano’s most stylish manager

By Sergio González | 11:15
Maria Dolores, general manager at nhow milano

Mª Dolores de Bethencourt, General Manager nhow Milano

Mª Dolores de Bethencourt is a Spanish self-made business woman who, without any clue of Italian, embarked several years ago in the adventure of managing this new and exclusive concept of hospitality that has made the nhow Milano what it is today.

Every corner of nhow Milano is unique, the moment you first set foot inside you will feel something different is going on here. Architecture, design, music and art are not just things to hang on a wall or to entertain you while riding a lift, they’re not just fancy extras, they are the soul of the nhow Milano experience. 

How is it to work at nhow Milano? Does it inspire you in anyway?

Everyday is different and exciting at Nhow. The beauty of working at this hotel is how versatile my days can be.  

When I first arrived at Nhow I was not familiar with arts world. Today, I’m very proud to say I personally know the best international designers and artists thanks to this job.

Absolutely inspiring! Living in Milan and working surrounded by art and artists is a fascinating experience I’d find very hard to let go. It’s truly stimulating because the set ups and works we host are never the same so it is always interesting, there are plenty to do. It’s also a great opportunity to learn more about art and design.

What makes nhow Milano so special?

Nhow Milano is like a box which we fill in with creative contents that changes twice a year (3 times including the Salone del Mobile). Yet, it’s a box with a strong character by itself, but able to host the most different works of art and design. So I would define what makes Nhow special is its capacity of keeping a strong core of individuality while constantly evolving at the same time.

We try to make our guests feel welcomed and drawn to our works, especially with the high quality custom services we offer.

Does a creative work environment affect working teams?

Totally! At Nhow Milan we use art as a tool to create bonds among the working team.

On a daily basis, but especially every time we open a new exhibition –and that’s really often-, we train all our staff on the contents of the show. This way, each member of Nhow is up to whatever is going on at the hotel and is able to answer questions from guests; and they happen.  

What do customers tell about décor and scenery?

Our customers love Nhow, because they have fun discovering the unique and eccentric corners this hotel has to offer and they appreciate the attention to every refined detail in our space.

Reception at nhow Milano

Reception, nhow Milano

What kind of guests can we find in nhow Milano?

We cater mostly to clients from the world of fashion and design, but we have many corporate customers who have learned to appreciate our philosophy. We also have the pleasure of housing the most trendy Italian singers as well as journalists, stylists, designers and actors both national and international. I can’t tell you but I’ve met Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Hilary Swank, John Malkovich and Rihanna … among many others!

Is there any chance you tell us what’s on your iPod?

I’m now a huge fan of Italian music! I really like Negramaro but I must confess it is because I have become friends with Giuliano Sangiorgi, leading singer, and one of our best clients!

What’s your favorite spot in the hotel? And the most inspiring one?

It is really difficult for me to choose only one spot … every corner is special!, if I must choose one I say the corridors. They are the original ones of the General Electric Factory, really wide and very long, the iron pillars are so beautiful. It is important to make stand out the lighting, different according the time of the day, we play looking a comfortable result always respecting the energetic impact.

What kind of music can we find at nhow Milano?

Music is an essential part of the Nhow Milano environment, just like any other element of a hotel’s unique design. So we don’t have boring background music, but a tailored soundtrack, that offers a really fascinating audio experience.

During the day, Nhow Milano guests can enjoy a sophisticated and cosmopolitan selection, blending laid-back electro beats and catching melodies, jazz and downtempo grooves. A really eclectic and posh sound at the same time that provides a sense of exclusivity and comfort.

From 6 to 2 pm the mood turns into a relaxed atmospheres leaving space for upbeat rhythms. The tunes proposed at night range from indie glam electro to neo-disco rich and soulful grooves, so far away from commercial dance music.


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