Marco Spina, an Italian chef in love with Amsterdam

By Sergio González | 10:05
restaurant sogno

Tempting, isn’t it? 7 Stadhouderskade st, Amsterdam

Let’s meet Marco Spina, chef and manager of Restaurant Sogno, a piece of exclusive Italian gastronomy and allegria (joy) in the centre of Amsterdam.

Marco, what do you hope guests take away from dining at this exclusive restaurant?

One of the most special factors of the NH Ristorante Sogno dining experience is the menu. Every three months it evolves, keeping the culinary dishes as diverse as ever. Combining the notorious spices and ingredients of the Northern and Southern parts of Italy, the selection of meals will keep the guests wanting more.

What is the most challenging aspect of this dining experience?

The most challenging aspect is creating a Dutch version of our Italian dishes. During my years of cooking, I have noticed that the Dutch don’t always like the traditional Italian dishes. The served spaghetti in the Netherlands, varies from the served spaghetti in Italy. The culture differences are behind the reasons. It’s nothing major. Just slight changes in spices can make all the difference for the Dutch taste buds.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

The most stimulating factor of my job is working for such a great company as NH Hoteles. The hotel chain and staff really inspire and motivate me during my work here at NH Ristorante Sogno. The freedom I get while cooking helps me create the most exquisite culinary delights and seeing the guest enjoy it is probably the best reward any chef can have.

Is there any signature dish?

NH Ristorante Sogno doesn’t really have a signature dish. Every meal on our menu is a pure delight for each and any of our guests. Our staff is more likely the signature dish. It sounds crazy, but the outstanding service, hospitable background and knowledge of the Italian kitchen and culture gives the ambiance that little bit of extra that all our guests can enjoy.

restaurant sogno

What is the most important aspect of the guest’s stay at the NH Amsterdam Centre?

At the NH Amsterdam Centre it is all in all the combination of service and ambiance. The dedication that all the personal have to make this hotel great, is the motivation that we as NH Ambassadors all carry. Our general manager, Tim Lebbink, has made it his life’s work to maintaining a high level of services and a great ambiance towards our hotel guests. With eye for detail and that extra mile that we will go for our guests, is often the reason for people to choose NH Amsterdam Centre.

If you want to check out customer’s reviews about NH Ristorante Sogno, you’ll see they back Marco. He loves his job and everybody can tell.

This is a real Italian restaurant

Nice wine list and very tasty house wine.

The boss (Mr Marco) is always keeping an eye on all guests

Wonderful! Real Italian place with all its best! Food, service and THE Italian atmosphere

Marco Spina

Now, Marco, let’s get a little more personal. What do enjoy the most about living in Amsterdam?

The weather of course!! No, I am joking. Not everything can be perfect in this vibrant city. The reason I love being here is that every individual is free to do whatever he or she would like. That is amazing to me. Also, Amsterdam is a stress free city with beautiful canals which attract a lot of tourists from all over the world. It is one big hodgepodge of cultures and lifestyles, and yet, we all get along perfectly. The mutual respect everyone has for the other person is a great quality of Amsterdam. I want to live here for the rest of my life!

What are some of your favorite hidden gems of the city?

I can go on and on about the beautiful parks, spectacular architecture, peaceful canals and interesting museums, but I have found my favorite gem right here in this magnificent city. I met my lovely and beautiful Dutch girlfriend.

 Is there a particular annual event that you never miss?

That would be the new Kingsday of course! On the 30th of April, same day as my birthday, everybody has the day off and is dressed in orange. It is a national holiday and unites every Dutch person. It is amazing! In every street and back yard, there is a party. And having it be my birthday, I enjoy every second of every celebration.


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