Meet Fernando Peinado, an internship tutor awarded for his kind nature

By Sergio González | 10:15
Fernando Peinado

This is a proud Fernando, standing with his special award

Fernando Peinado works in maintenance service at  NH Príncipe de la Paz but he also finds the time to tutor for students who one day will become as professional as Fernando. His dedication and hard work have granted him a special award from the school he works with, for ‘a dedication that goes beyond expectations and his kindness with students’.

He was born in the beautiful Aranjuez, a royal city close to Madrid, where kings and queens from all over Europe would come to relax in its UNESCO World Heritage Palace and gardens. One of the most famous Spanish classical music pieces, The Aranjuez Concert, was inspired by the overwhelming beauty of this place. Don’t miss the adagio!

How long have you been working at NH Príncipe de la Paz?

I began my position here in 2006, as an intern, while I was still studying electronic system maintenance. I completed my internship in NH Príncipe de la Paz and I was hired afterwards. I’ve also worked at NH Ribera del Manzanares in Madrid and in some of the luxurious resorts NH boast in Sotogrande.

How’s your everyday work?

My daily tasks range a lot depending on what’s going on in the hotel, from administrative tasks to orders or energy saving demands, which we take very seriously. Maintenance service at a hotel is utterly linked with the needs of the other departments.

Is it as you expected it when you were still studying?

My expectations have not only been met but overcome. Maintenance service in a hotel makes me learn every single day. But I’m not a conformist, I don’t settle. I’d like to keep on evolving professionally and grow inside the company.

Where would you like to be in the future?

I consider myself a proactive person and I wouldn’t mind taking more responsibility and develop another job position, such as receptionist, more in touch with our guests. Customer service has always been sort of my thing. I’m a people’s person. Besides this, I’d like to work some time abroad and have the chance to meet new cultures and people.

NH Principe de la Paz in Aranjuez, Spain

How would you describe your experience as a tutor at Francisco Umbral Vocational School?

The school reached us to see if NH Princípe de la Paz was interested in partnering in this educational program. We absolutely agreed.

I think the project has been very positive for both parts. Student who completed their internship with us have stuck out for their responsibility and eagerness to learn. I’m really proud of these guys.

The hardest part?

Working with teenagers is a bit of a challenge, complicated if I may say, since it’s their first contact with the real world and labor market.

And the funniest?

The first days for anyone starting an internship program tend to be a little chaotic. I can’t count the times I had to go look for some student lost in the machinery room at the basement. There are so many doors and corridors!

Would you recommend others to join these kind of educational programs?

Of course. I’ve lived this experience from both sides, as a student and as a tutor, and I do believe it’s recommendable and good for everybody. The feedback provided by students once they’ve finished only makes me want to do it again. It’s truly rewarding!

Was it hard to fit both jobs? Would you do it again?

There were times when we had tons of work that may overwhelm you a little bit, but you get used to it. And yes, I would do it again without any second thought.

Do you thinks it’s important for students to do internships?

It’s pretty important because they must learn what to expect once they’ve finished their studies. Every tutor should provide a fair ground for them to succeed in this.

Royal Palace of Aranjuez

Impressive Royal Palace of Aranjuez, only overcome by its gardens

Fernando has always lived in Aranjuez so we can’t skip asking him about the best things to do in Aranjuez. What do you like the most about Aranjuez? Any special place we should know about?

Well, I like every bit of Aranjuez, from walking my dog through the Sotos forest to ride a horse around the royal gardens. However, Aranjuez is not just the Royal Palace, the gardens and our famous strawberries.

Aranjuez boasts some places you can’t miss like ‘Casa del Labrador’, San Antonio Square, ‘Las Corralas’ or the bicentennial bull fighting ring. And, of course, staying with us at NH Príncipe de la Paz to enjoy every key spot in Aranjuez and astounding views.

Any event we shouldn’t miss?

The Mutiny of Aranjuez recreation, hold the first week of September. You can’t miss the pageants!

Photo credit: Fernando García


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