Meet Luis Bartolomé, exectutive chef NH Eurobuilding!

By Courtney Imel | 10:11

Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to Luis Bartolomé, executive chef at the exquisite Mediterranean restaurant Margerit located in the NH Eurobuilding in Madrid. Originally from Soria he began his career doing internships at high end establishments such as Martín Berasategui, El Cenador de Salvador or Maher. In 1998 he began his adventure as Head Chef at NH Eurobuilding in Madrid and he recently launched the innovative Eco Gastro by NH Project based on the enhancement of sustainable cuisine and the best artisan local products. Meet Luis Bartolomé, a young chef with a bright future! 

Tell us a bit about your career…

I attended my professional studies at the Hotel Management School in Soria, Spain and I did my internships nationally and internationally. I was a pupil of Henry Martinez at the Grand Hotel de Zaragoza and Santo Mauro in Madrid, I started at NH Eurobuilding as a culinary consultant in 1998 and made it to head chef by 2001.

What influences are reflected in your kitchen? 

Naturally, we take influences from all sources but in my case mine come from Navarra Rivera, the Castilian region in Spain, from my hometown of  Soria which is rich mushrooms and wild ingredients and finally the fun urban kitchen, but always with a Mediterranean focus.

How do you organize the menu of a large hotel? Any inspiration?

Our cuisine for NH Eurobuilding is inspired by our own history, it’s actually one of the legendary hotels of the capital, both in history and tradition. We design proposals where we remember the origins to delve fully into the latest trends.

The constant search for the best seasonal products, the most advanced techniques and artisan hands make us create more personalized experiences at all of our major events. 

We have a wide range of national and international offers and we are very flexible in order to cover any requests that  our customers may have. 

Does the NH Eurobuilding offer any special menus? (celiac, vegan etc.) 

We offer all the typical vegetarian menus, menus for celiacs and even a line of Gastro Eco-products with organic certification proximity which proves to be a great success. Also in some circumstances we require chefs to collaborate with specialists in different areas (Asian, Indian, Arabic etc.) to give the best possible service to our customers. 

What do you enjoy eating when you go out? 

Our profession is a way of life and that comes out in everything we do, but when we go out, apart from discovering trends, what we want is to eat richer and relax. Without being very critical in such circumstances, I always look for new things to see affection in  what is done. 

You are the project manager for “Gastro Eco by NH”. Can you tell us more about it?

Gastro Eco by NH, is the brand in which we define and differentiate the concept of healthy, sustainable and eco-biological food. This line of work turned trend is generating increasing interest and it appears to be the spearhead of the next gastronomic revolution, the concept is backed up by endless actions and certifications. In the case of NH we have already developed Ecomeetings and Antiox breakfasts.

Gastro Eco by NH builds on these strengths, not only a way to understand the cuisine but a new concept of hotel services in which both the cuisine and all parallel activities are a vital and dynamic part of the future sustainability of our hotels. 

 What do you recommend to the  guests at NH Eurobuilding?

That they always choose us because we offer a myriad of dining experiences. From our excellent breakfasts, superb Room Service through our healthy brunch, fun cocktails and a varying menu of seasonal and organic produce as well as cutting edge techniques. 

The NH Eurobuilding is a modern hotel with cutting edge design. Do you determine that at the time of preparing the menu?

Each and every one of the factors are taken into account when thinking about our menu but we go much more for the seasonality of products, quality and welfare that we can offer our customers. When you serve thousands of menus it is an obligation that does not go overlooked in this aspect, without giving up our eminent gastronomic approach.  

Is there a dish that you have tried to prepare that didn’t turn out? 

Perhaps in the original form in which it was thought itself, but we end up learning from our mistakes and turn it around to make it work. 

In your opinion, which dish best represents Spanish cuisine?

There are many examples, our cuisine is so rich that it would be unfair to opt for just one in particular. 

Do you have a trick when creating everyday dishes? 

The best tricks are the ones that I learned from my mother in which I discovered unforgettable traditional dishes. Those are the most memorable dishes for me. The care put into dishes and the use of the best products available.   

What do you like best about your job and NH Hoteles?

Our work is vocational, a way of understanding life, you can constantly develop and express creativity through your kitchen. NH Hoteles is the frame and the perfect support to these experiences we offer to our customers.

Do you use social networks? Do you blog your inspiration in cooking blogs? 

We use them constantly to have good communication with our team and as a method of global communication.

Recently, I just joined the world of Twitter (just 3 days ago, @luisbartolome7), in which, I will take time to show the progress of our kitchen, meetings with customers and suppliers, large events… in short, everything we like and do to enjoy our wonderful profession.

We also read blogs in which we always draw conclusions, plus there is a very interesting project to prepare themed dinners that serve as a starting point for discussions of the most influential bloggers. 


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