NH Friends: Paloma Cañizares, it’s in the design!

By Courtney Imel | 11:01

Architect and interior designer Paloma Cañizares

Today we have the honor introduce you to the the architect and interior designer Paloma Cañizares winner of the 2012 Heineken Prize for New Values and Professor of the European Institute of Design. She opened her own studio in 2005, developing architecture, interior design and furniture design in parallel in office projects, commercial spaces, homes and temporary spaces.Recently she was chosen  to accompany NH Hoteles and acclaimed Spanish fashion designer  Juanjo Oliva in an adventure to create a unique space to house the NH Edition Shop by Juanjo Oliva. Located in the NH Costanza (Barcelona), it’s NH Hoteles’ first pop-up shop ever! Amaya Arzuaga, Ana Locking, Jeff Bargues, La Bonne Etoile Natura Bissé…are just some of the designers and brands that will include their accessories, perfumes, bags, candles, books, music and many other carefully selected items  in this unique shop. 

The pop-up shop is yet another evolution of the Folding Screen Shelves which Paloma Cañizares presented in 2009. The innovative system adapts to any need for organising space quickly and can be taken down similarly. There were two basic factors when considering how to fit out the shop: how the product could be presented and the ease of assembly and removal to travel with it around the world. The versatility of this design adapted perfectly to the needs of this pop-up shop.

Don’t miss this exclusive interview with the designer herself!

When and how did your passion for design begin?

I can’t say that my passion for design was born at a given moment. I was always interested in all creative disciplines: architecture, art, fashion, design, … processes, means, objectives and levels of abstraction is what differentiate.

What does it mean for you to win the Heineken ‘New Values’ Prize 2012?

Awards help to give visibility and dissemination to your work and serve as a very important communication tool. The Heineken Prize served as a stepping stool to come in contact with new customers as such as Purification Garcia. I already knew Juanjo Oliva but it was an excuse to start working together.

How would you define your style as an architect and interior designer?

Having a style is not an adequate remedy for any creative professional since you can easily fall into repetition. In our studies we always adapt and listen to the customer to solve their needs. It is true that they  expect a creative response but it always comes after many conversations in which the project is taking shape.

How did the adventure of creating a unique space to host the NH Edition Shop Juanjo Oliva come about?

The NH Edition Shop is an exciting project which has sought out to unite various creative disciplines such as fashion, interior and product design. Juanjo and I were working on another project when the opportunity arose to participate. He knew the Screen-shelf project I presented in 2009 and asked if they could accommodate a pop-up store.

Have you worked with other fashion designers? 

Somehow I have always been related to the world of fashion. In 2012 we worked with Purificación Garcia, with Juanjo Oliva and Jeff Bargues and we’ve  created two boutiques in Madrid: Love Dispensary and Making Things.

Can you explain your customer profile? Do they belong to any particular sector?

My customers are very heterogeneous and that is what we are most interested in. We have designed anything from offices (for very diverse profiles), shops (including a florist and a bakery), houses, stands, structures exhibitions and events, … This requires us to have an open mind to understand different situations and needs.

Tell us about your innovative ‘Folding Screen Shelves’ concept. 

The Folding Screen-shelf concept came about from the idea to solve limited space needs. The Screen-Rack is a modular system that’s adaptable and functional but also aesthetic. It’s a quick way to remove or narrow spaces plus giving storage use or exposure. Paradoxically, the idea was somewhat simple and there was nothing on the market that possess these features: to separate and store. Another advantage, the adaptability and ease of installation: to remove it all you have to do is just remove the shelves, fold the screen and place it somewhere else.

What was your goal when launching furniture editor PCM to produce the ideas of young talent?

In 2011, I launched PCM Design a furniture and design product editor. This is a business project to disseminate design projects that had to be understood in the market. It is a parallel activity to the study of architecture – interior – furniture. In PCM, I am the creative director but I don’t design. I search for young talent in order to develop their products.

Paloma Cañizares & Juanjo Oliva at the opening of the NH Edition Shop

What are your sources of inspiration for new designs?

Inspiration is everywhere but develops through working and researching. Art is a huge inspiration strong as your perception subjectively interprets what it sees and hence can bring forth a new path.

What are your favorite NH Hoteles? 

I’m looking for an excuse to go to the Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi in Italy, I hear it’s awesome! 

Do you use Social Media? If so, Do you make use of it professionally?

Unfortunately I am not a regular user of social networks at least not as much as I would like. It’s a task I have pending, although we are on Facebook and Twitter.  



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