Rene Rennefeld has the coolest job in the NH family!

By Sergio González | 11:33
Rene Rennenfeld

Rene and his young coleague at a Music n’ Emotion event

Thousands of people form the great NH Hoteles family, from the maid who insists on folding the sheets once again for them to be perfect, to the waiter who adds an extra lemon wedge and a smile to your drink but perhaps Rene Renefeld has the coolest job among all of us. He is the nhow Berlin recording studio -Sound Floor- director.

Rene is an experienced music producer who has been working for many years with people such as Depeche Mode and Snow Patrol. He didn’t doubt about joining nhow Berlin because of its situation in the most avant-garde quarter of Berlin -full of chic bars, performing and arts centers and fashion ateliers- and the top-edge equipment of Sound Floor.

Rene, will you tell our readers about Sound Floor?

If  you do something, you have to do something spectacular, otherwise people won’t talk about it. We have 12 studios in Berlin, we don’t need another one, so let’s do something else.

The studios are simply brilliant: highly professional equipment and has one of the best views in Europe that inspire creativity.

He laughs when he talks about the best working desk in the world and its killer views nhow Berlin has over Spree River.

Great presentations, showcases and creative meetings of Sony Music, Universal Music, Ministry of Sound, Emi, Warner etc are taking place at the music-lounges.

What makes the place so special to gather around top professionals of fashion, music, design and other many fields?

For me it’s the emotional aspect. You enter a microcosm of music and art where nobody forces you with for example loud music but you always have the feeling that you are part of it, that you meet the celebrities, that you are special.

nhow studio has just been born but it has already been used by music stars as Jessie J or Skylar Grey. How do you make such a grand entrance?

It’s based on our credibility built over 25 years in the music business. We have experienced guys like me and also young and fresh team-members. Matching this and the great combination of possibilities and services at Nhow makes us unique.

Did they like the studios?

No complaints!

Yes, lots of them come back to record with us again . Skunk Anansie or Shaggy, for example, are regulars of Sound Floor and choose us for the world premiere of their albums.

On every first Saturday of the month, Envy Bar invites everybody to an open mic night, an event  you shouldn’t miss if you’re in Berlin because…

Rene, do you join the open mic night?

Whenever I have the time to I am there with my friends and sometimes I also jam with the band. It’s amazing how this event has developed during the last two years. We have great talents, major acts, TV acts, secret talents, everything on a high pro level and the fan base keeps growing and growing; last month we had over 600 guests!

Have you discovered any talent singer among our guests?

Yes, last year I heard the band Final Stair, a rock act style similar to Coldplay’s. Amazing three musicians! We gave them the chance to record one week in our studio and now they are playing showcases and contacting major labels and managers.

nhow BerlinHow does the recording experience go at a hotel? Does nhow Berlin inspire you in anyway?

If everybody is a little disciplined it works fine for everybody.We are always in a flow and if you keep aware of the things that happen, you can always get something out of the daily experience.

We are always in a creative process. I keep my eyes and ears open to see what the guests, musicians and customers could like or need. Up to now, we have created a DJ Room Service, where you can order DJ equipment to your room.

We built a continuous stage in the lobby with experimental equipment, creating new public events for guests and people from Berlin, and we recently produced the first nhow music compilation. We also have some songwriter camps for TV shows X Factor and The Voice of Germany and of course, Music n’ Emotion coaching program.

Music n’ Emotion is a team-building program aimed for work team leaders and people at very stressful job positions which huge success it’s based on our very special connection  to music and Rene’s unique approach to music. 

How did Music n’ Emotion come to life?

Well, it all started with a question from a guest asking if we also made team-building events at nhow and Sound Floor studios.

I said yes, but without a clue. The idea was born.

I wrote my first concept and realized that nobody else was offering this type of event in Europe,  so I spent a lot of time creating serious content and an emotional and exciting event by involving as many aspects of the hotel value chain as possible. Beside this, I created a training and coaching concept for peak performance teams and leadership meetings. My book about this will be released at the beginning of 2013.

How did you realize of music potential as a coaching tool?

This happened years ago, working with students at an international business school in Berlin at the University of Popular Arts (HDPK). Music has always been the key to emotion, structure, creativity and fun!

How does music affect us?

We are all vibration, the whole nature only exists because of vibration. In this sense with music, and its different kind of impulses, can make us happy, relaxed, stressed, aggressive, lovely, whatever…just imagine a day without any kind of music, no singing people, no singing birds…it would mean our death.



  • posted by Hotel Software | 05 January 2013, 20:29,

    It is interesting how you have observed the impact a coolest job can have. Well done…again. Another good post Sergio.

  • posted by Courtney Imel | 08 January 2013, 10:31,

    It seems like a great job, right? Have you stayed at our hotels before? 😉


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