Steffen Schmaler, an NH Friend doing his part for the environment!

By Courtney Imel | 10:15

Stefan Schmaler is Environment & Engineering Manager in the
Department of Projects, Construction & Engineering

As many of you may already know, today marks a very special day for us at NH Hoteles. It’s World Tourism Day! In support of United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation, this year’s World Tourism Day is being held under the theme Tourism and Water: Protecting our Common Future.

At NH Hoteles we strive to be a responsible company in the tourism sector and for that reason we believe in sticking to sustainable practices in all of our 400 hotels around the world. For example, to help save water, NH Hoteles has been using consumption reduction systems since 2007. We are continuously updating our equipment with the most modern technology, and are particularly concerned with monitoring how much water our swimming pool taps consume. 

Today we have the honor of introducing you to a very special NH Friend that makes these water saving initiatives possible. Meet Steffan Schmaler, Environment & Engineering Manager in the Department of Projects, Construction & Engineering! 

How does NH Hoteles work towards energy and water consumption in hotels around the world?

The metering and the monitoring of water consumptions are the most important work, to analyze and reduce water consumption. With the results we plan and carry out measures like using water saving taps or engineering projects in the main water distribution in the hotels. 

Working in sustainability, what is the most rewarding aspect of your job?  

The most rewarding aspect of working in sustainability is the versatility and variety of different fields of saving energy measures. If we achieve our general aims of consumption savings in electricity, heating and water I would say I carried out a good job for the environment and that I finally helped save the expenses.

Efficient environmental resource management is a key issue for NH Hoteles.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

The most challenging part of my job is to set up a consequent environmental strategy for the hotels of my region I’m responsible for and to carry out measures while taking into account the number of people who are involved in the processes. There are many other departments we have to convince for every project. And last but not least energy savings measures are at the moment “nice to have” and not an “absolute priority”. 

What activities and events are planned for World Tourism Day’s theme Tourism and Water?

We’ll have some communications related to the World Tourism Day on our Social media platforms.

What actions are currently being taken by the tourism sector in order to contribute to a more sustainable water future?

The little steps are the most important things. And we have to inform all our guests and to establish consciousness that it is important to save water in our daily routine.  

How do you think the tourism sector can improve water consumption around the world?

Ever-increasing demand for water coupled with the effects of climate change, is escalating pressure on water resources in most parts of the world. An efficient environmental management of tourism facilities and especially hotels (water and energy saving measures, waste minimization, use of environmentally friendly material) can decrease the environmental impact of tourism. Responsible water management, together with installing new water-saving technology, will yield positive results.

What are some of your favorite travel destinations?

Well, Southern Europe definitely tops the list of one my favorite travel destinations and I really like the Mediterranean coast. Some of the countries I’ve visited and where I’ve spent a wonderful time are in Spain, Italy and Greece. But also Scandinavia during summertime is definitely worth a visit.

While on holiday, what small things do you do to contribute to saving energy and water consumption?

Well, for example while brushing my teeth I do not let run the faucet the whole time. Then, I try to take a shorter shower and when I’m in the hotel I don’t let them change the towels every day. There’re small things everybody can do which are all together an important contribution to minimize the water consumption.

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