Valentina and Pietro, two NH Friends that Rock n’ Roll!

By Sergio González | 11:03

Valentina Rossini, Rock di Sera web radio program

Today we’ll meet two very interesting people who are absolute music lovers and also happen to form part of the NH family in Italy.  Both of them work at some of the most stylish hotels in Italy and being surrounded by art and design everyday, does wonders to improve and stimulate their own natural passion for musical expression. Join us in meeting Valentina and Pietro! 

Valentina Rossini works at the Events Office at NH Touring Milano. She’s in charge of getting to know when and where the best events, shows, plays and live music take place in Milan and to share it with our guests to help make their stay even more interesting and entertaining. She’s also the touring manager of the rock band Bloody Mary and host of Rock di Sera (Afternoon Rock), a web radio program. 

Tell us about the group Bloody Mary! 

“Bloody Mary’s style  is very unique, you can define it like Gothic Rock: it’s very scenographic, especially their front-man Aldebran who I consider to be a truly great artist who dominates the scene up and down from the stage, a true idol. It has been an honor for me to be their manager, even if only on two occasions: in London, with regards to the group accommodation and in Berlin, where I also worked with the journalists to deal with interviews and managed the band’s backstage.”

How did you get the chance to manage the group?

“I met Bloody Mary in a pub in London, the Blues Bikers, and we became very good friends. From there we kept hanging out and I went to all their concerts in Milan and London. They knew I worked at a prestigious hotel chain so they asked me to manage their overnight stays and, a year later, they asked me to take care of their accommodation in Berlin. I was so delighted to help them.”

What attracted you?

“I really like their originality, their out of the norm style; their songs inspire in me and their fans have a lot of excitement. I also have a lot of respect for the front-man Aldebran which, as mentioned above, is an all-around artist and a great friend.”

Tell us about your web radio program ‘Rock di Sera’.

“‘Rock di Sera’ is a web radio program that airs every Tuesday evening on and also on Rocktune radio. It is a program oriented to independent or emerging Italian rock music.”

I have a lot of respect for its creator, as well as conductor, Davide Biagini who is also a dear friend. He is devoted to this project with all his heart.

“I met Davide a year ago at a Several Union concert which we both love attending.  Live music must be supported and I take this opportunity to rant to all of you colleagues and friends that are reading this: Go to concerts! Support independent music!”

How do you fit these activities into your daily life with the workday?

“Most of my free time I dedicate to my passion: in the evening and on weekends. Technology also helps me out a lot, with the use of smartphones, email, Facebook, Twitter… They are always available in your pocket and communication with the radio and the bands is much easier and closer.”

Who is your favorite musician, group or singer?

“In my opinion, the greatest rock band that ever existed is Queen. The unique and inimitable voice of Freddie Mercury will forever remain in history! A current group that leaves me breathless is Disturbed, a nu-metal band from Chicago, but also in the emerging music scene I should mention Mellowtoy, Eva Poles (Prozac +), Filippo From Hell and Several Union.”

If you had to choose the greatest rock song ever…

“Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen. It is a unique song that contains different musical typologies, mixing together harmoniously and brilliantly! An absolutely impeccable song!” 

Pietro Bonora

Pietro Bonora has been creating amazing food for our guests who visits us at NH Villa Carpegna in Rome since 2004 but he’s a truly artist that extends his craft and skills beyond cuisine. He has made a guitar on his own. Let’s meet this one-of-a-kind NH Friend! 

What inspired you to begin playing?

“I dreamt of having a Gretsch in my hands and to play with Billy Idol. I started playing an Eko Classic by myself at age 11.  It was cool but not enough, so I did some custom work. I made a break-neck back and I inserted a slash carbon fiber compact closed with a strip of walnut. I made the bridge with a piece of one of my mother’s combs made out of bone.”

Pietro Bonora’s incredible handmade guitar!

“I always wanted to become a great guitarist but it wasn’t possible, so I created my own personalized guitar. I bought the bridge and knobs for the binding on the website, then I bought the sheets of mother of pearl and other special tools from Stewart-McDonald, The Pearly Gates and the magnets were made specially imported by my friend Massimo in Rome (, the maple and mahogany wood from the Italian woodworking Venturi of Rome, where I used to work, and my friend Massimiliano brought ebony wood from Madagascar. I bought the electronic part from Pickup Makers on”

How does this handmade guitar compare to a traditional guitar? Are the sounds unique?

“My guitar is different from others because despite setting like a Gibson it’s more similar to a Les Paul, it has a floating bridge like a Floyd Rose kind modified to follow the inclinations of the handle. My guitar has 2.5 cm of thickness of maple wood unlike Gibson (Les Paul) that has a thickness of 0.7 cm. The sound of my guitar is crystal clear as the Stratocaster David Gilmour. It’s like having two guitars in one!”

How do you fit your guitar playing in your daily life?

“I hardly find any time, but I always try to play a little bit when my kids are at school.”  

If you had the chance to play guitar with any guitarist in the world, who would it be?

“The only person I’d love to play with together, if it were still possible, is my brother, Alessandro Bonora, former bassist, who had a  motorcycle accident and from which he has never fully recovered physically, despite 12 operations.”

“Also, I would like to play the fourth guitar in Voodoo Child (Jimi Hendrix), with Satriani, Vai and Malmsteen and I would love to play guitar with Jimmy Page, in Stairway to Heaven.”

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    Complimenti a pietro!

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    Bellissima chitarra! Complimenti Pietro!!! Bravissimo!

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    it’s amazing!!! your’re a genius!!! i’m happy that we’re friends, you’re a great artist…

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    good job Petero!!! you have a gold hands!!!
    the guitar is really fantastic… it’s real rock inside as you…

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