3 cocktails, 3 cities: Berlin, Buenos Aires, Barcelona

There are many different ways to travel around the world. Some people do it by bike. Some others fly and there are a few that even walk it! However, we have found a different and more refreshing way to take you all around the globe… We invite you to discover your favourite destination travelling from cocktail to cocktail!


First stop: the avant-garde, cosmopolitan and lively German city.  Our nhow Berlin hotel has been beautifully designed by Karim Rashid and never fails to impress, and its star cocktail similarly does not fall short of this mark. The ‘Kola Old Fashion’ mixes 60 ml Sierra Milenario Extra Añejo tequila, with 10 ml of Kola tonic – similar in texture and flavour to kola syrup – with a dash of Mozart Chocolate Bitters liqueur. To achieve the unique flavour of this cocktail, the ingredients must be well mixed and served over lots of ice.

For those longing to discover new flavours at the impressive nhow bar in Berlin, you might also like to try the ‘Celly Smith’ made using a full-bodied sake, such as Honjozo Genshu, a measure of fresh lemon juice, a touch of Granny Smith apple syrup and two dashes of celery bitters, to give a gentle bitter flavour.


On the other side of the Atlantic, the ‘Patagonia Frozen’ – a cocktail dreamt up by Pablo Carrizo and Pablo Nores, bartenders at the emblematic NH City and Tower in Buenos Aires – combines the red berries of Patagonia with the sweet taste of lime juice and a hint of spice from red and black pepper syrup, all mixed with a generous helping of sugar.

In our NH Tango bar a new version of the classic ‘San Francisco’ has been created by our bartenders. A delicious combination of orange, lemon, pineapple, peach, strawberry juices and grenadine. The reddish hues of this cocktail dance in time with the style of the hotel. The interior décor – designed by the studio Caparra Entelman – uses mainly the colour scarlet and pays tribute to the tango legends with pictures showing the great masters of this sensual dance.


In the city of Barcelona, the avant-garde NH Constanza contrasts its modern design with a traditional selection of cocktails, specialising in those classic drinks that never disappoint, such as the Mojito, the Caipirinha and the Caipiroska. The skill in preparing a Mojito is demonstrated by combining the exact proportions of sugar, mint, lime, rum and soda. As for the popular Brazilian cocktails, the key to success lies in using fresh lemon juice, sugar and a touch – to taste – of cachaça for a Caipirinha, or vodka for a Caipiroska.

Photo credits: Jay Crabb

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    great blog i’ve always wanted to visit Berlin!


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