9 jobs that allow you to travel the world

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Wouldn’t it be great to combine what we love the most (traveling) with a professional passion? A dream for many, and a reality for others. Many web designers, writers, artists, photographers, and consultants live incredible adventures, jumping from one country to the next and seeing the world. Looking for your next career break? Well, here are some of the jobs that make traveling to infinity and beyond possible.

1. Archeologist

Yeap, that’s right, we’re talking Indiana Jones style living. Whilst many archaeologists are employed at jobs that do not require much travel (museums, historic sites, state government), others who have chosen this career path to enjoy a life that runs close to that of the world’s favorite Archeology professor and adventurer. Ever dreamed of discovering the remains and treasures of Trojan wars? South America, Europe, and the Middle East are full of significant and mysterious dig sites. Unlike Indiana Jones, though, we doubt you’ll have many run-ins with snakes!

Giza Pyramids, Egipt

Stonehenge, England

Chichen Itza, Mexico

2. Wedding Planner

Few jobs are as romantic as that of a Destination Wedding Planner; helping loved up couples prepare their special day, whilst traveling to some of the world’s most unique sites! Picture yourself in Cancun, or Venice… As a destination wedding planner, you’ll need time to wander and scout out the locations, the locals, and their traditions, and live a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. These are some Instagram accounts you can follow for inspiration. Whether they inspire your career or give you cravings for an epic wedding, we don’t know.

3. Pilot

Live the dream! Being a pilot is one of the top jobs for people who like to travel. Why? The benefits are obvious: the expense of traveling is already covered, it is an opportunity to see many different parts of the world, and you get time off to explore them. Plus, everyone knows the glamor associated with this profession! Who wouldn’t love it?

4. Bartender

Remember Tom Cruise in “Cocktail”? Being a bartender is known as one of the most sociable professions, and a different way to get work overseas. Cocktail bartenders, or rather mixologists, are often in high demand: Bali, Australia, San Francisco… Where to? If you’re capable of creating beautiful drinks like these below… Start packing your bags!

5. Freelance Translator

Combining work and travel is also possible as a freelance translator. All you need is a computer, the Internet, and beautiful scenery as your backdrop. Inspiration is practically a given! If you can speak at least two languages, this might be just the perfect career for you. An easy start can be teaching it as a foreign language and working your way up from there.

6. Travelling Fitness Instructor

Resorts all over the world are constantly in search for the best fitness instructors the world (and Instagram) has to offer. Got your ACE Certification? Then you are ready to embark on a new adventure, laced in sweat, red faces, toning tummies and willing people. Whether it is a magnificent cruise ship bound for the French Polynesia or an exclusive resort in the Caribbean.

7. Foreign Services (Diplomat)

Ever thought about becoming a Foreign Service officer? Like any other profession, it has its perks and its drawbacks, but looking at the big picture, you get to work with people from all over the world and the travel opportunities are plenty. Each country has diplomatic representation in a different number of countries, the UK, for example, has over 150. Just be aware that the job won’t be all about Champagne receptions, some work will be required too!



8. Photographer

Nothing better to give you the travel bug than a photographer traveling the world to capture it in all its diverse beauty. The competition is tough, but for those that make it, are guaranteed the perfect nomad life. And who needs travel photographers? Magazines, newspapers, image stock sites such as Shutterstock, Youtube, private clients… As said above, competition is high, but you don’t have to be the best. Take pictures, love every minute of it, be brave and work hard!

9. Vlogging+ Blogging

Another weirdly awesome job is that of a blogger and, the video counterpart, a Vlogger. Sometimes payment will come in the form of money, but often also free hotel stays, free flights, etc… Many people take on blogging as a hobby, but it is a perfectly plausible way make it your only source of income and reach a 6 figure salary.This is one of our favorite (and envied at the same time) blogger this year:

So, as you can see, it is possible to live doing what one loves, to enjoy a life of travel! Remove the barriers of limitations and look through the lens of possibilities instead. Which career is calling you?


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