Amsterdam gets ready for the biggest street party in the world!

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

One of the coolest destinations in Europe is having a big street party you shouldn´t miss. We´re talking about Amsterdam, one of the 10 best cities in the world to visit according to last year´s Lonely Planet poll.  This year it celebrates King’s Day (Koningsdag) for the first time in history. This massive street party will fill the canals, streets, houses and parks with music, food, drinks, activities, parties, bargain shopping and non-stop fun. Take a break and join the fun in Amsterdam for the very first King´s day ever on Saturday April 26th.

Surely, you´ve heard of Queens Day, the annual celebration that began back in 1885 in honour of Queen Wilhelmina. Well, maybe not. Queen´s Day is an official holiday in The Netherlands. Banks, post offices, and many businesses are closed. But it´s far from being a day to rest.  Locals, travellers and people from all over the country gather in what is known as the greatest city party ever.

The fun traditionally begins on the eve of the big day with carnival atmosphere and continues throughout the city where DJs do their thing in public squares, thousands of brightly decorated boats fill the narrow,  mesmerizing network of canals and live music spills onto streets from cafe patios.

On Queen´s Day, Amsterdam also becomes the world´s largest flea markets because everyone has the chance to sell their things on the streets and in the parks. Food stalls are everywhere, offering delicious bites to eat and drinks. The Dutch have been celebrating this from 1885 all the way until 2013. So, why has Queen´s Day become King´s Day?

It´s simple. In January 2013, Queen Beatrix, the longest reigning Dutch monarch, announced her abdication and made her oldest son Willem-Alexander the King of the Netherlands.  Although the date has changed from to April 26th, rather than the 30th, the spirit will remain the same.

Although the national flag of The Netherlands is red, white and blue, expect to be surrounded by the colour orange, the symbol of the Dutch royal family. Orange flags, orange clothes, orange hats, costumes and make-up. Some people even dye their hair and pets orange. Even if you´re not Dutch, join the fun and add a bit of orange to your party attire.

Friday night, the evening before King´s Day, clubs all over the city will keep you dancing till the early hours. There´s also day parties and concerts held at several locations throughout the city. For more information, visit the Official King´s Day site.

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Photo Credits: Martin Heiselberg



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