April in Argentina was created to indulge Foodies

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30


This month, Argentina calls on all gourmet travellers hungry for unique experiences and excellent wine and food. Eating in Argentina is strongly influenced by Europe, especially Mediterranean cooking, with a great emphasis on local products and of course, its quality beef. The country is famous for its grass fed cattle and the gauchos who work the open range but it is also known for its amazing vineyards, a true heaven for wine lovers.

There is no doubt that Malbec is the grape on which Argentina’s international reputation as a wine producing nation is founded. But it isn’t the only grape grown here. If you´re tempted to discover Argentina´s wine regions, dramatic landscapes  and indulge in the quality of their food and wine, this is definitely the month to travel. Buenos Aires Food Week, Mendoza´s Master Food & Wine and World Malbec Day all take place in April. Sound tempting?

Buenos Aires, also known as the “Paris of the South “celebrates the Buenos Aires Food Week twice a year. An event, which pulls 40 of the best restaurants in the city together to offer amazing lunch and dinner menus at reasonable promotional prices. It began April 1st but you have till the 14th to enjoy. Make sure you visit their website to find out more.

 While in the Argentine capital, gourmands should be aware of the pop up trend that has been drawing crowds. These dining events, called puertas cerradas (closed doors) are spread through social networks and word of mouth.  You must first write to request to dine and wait for your confirmation, which will include a date, time and an address.  Make sure you email GAJO (Young Argentine Gastronomy Association) that organizes themed dinners every month (info@gajococina.com.ar)

There are 8 NH Hotels in Buenos Aires, but for the occasion we recommend you stay at the four-star NH Jousten hotel. An emblematic building from the early 1900´s is only a few steps away from Calle Florida, Galerias Pacifico shopping mall, Puerto Madero Docks, Plaza de Mayo, and many historical sites.  The Aralar restaurant serves a wide variety of delicious local and international dishes, with a seasonal menu that brings you the freshest produce all year long. The extensive wine list will help you begin to prepare for your next destination: Mendoza.

Mendoza, located at the feet of the Andean Mountain Range, is the entrance to the winemaking routes of one of the Great Wine Capitals of the World and the country´s main Malbec producing region and grape, which no other country in the world cultivates to anything like the same degree.  This month, to celebrate Malbec World Day, travellers, gourmands and wine lovers and experts from around the world will have the chance to indulge in delicious wine tastings and food by international chefs. During the month, the entire region of Mendoza will open its many bodegas (more than 1,200) to offer incredible cuisine and the restaurant scene around town is simply amazing. Be sure to check the activities, maps and more information related to the Malbec World Day celebration here.

While in the town of Mendoza, you´ll be able to enjoy the gleaming sidewalks, small boutiques, gourmet restaurants, the brand new cultural and art centre and the charming main square, a stones throw from 4 star NH Cordillera hotel.  

If traveling, food and wine are on the top of your list, make Argentina your destination this month.


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Photo Credits: Mary Madigan



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