Cork2Cork, NH’s sustainability program that is changing corks into hotels.

By NH | 10:29

What is CORK2CORK?

You probably already know that cork is a very useful material that can be used to make many things including wine corks, shoes, surfboards, bulletin boards, coasters… but I bet you didn’t know that it can also be recycled to make coating and insulation that reduce noise pollution and air conditioning needs in buildings, improving their energy efficiency. Since 2011 our hotel chain, in collaboration with the world’s leading insolation and cork producers, Amorim, has been doing exactly this through our CORK2CORK Initiative.

Where do these two tons of natural cork come from?

We have been known for our environmental focus for years. For this reason, each time we uncork a bottle in one of our 77 hotels in Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium or Holland we collect the corks to be recycled and reused.

Where do the corks go?

In our CORK2CORK sustainability program, we have collected a total of 1994 Kg of corks which instead of being thrown away, are given a new use. For example, the production of 8,000 m2 of pavement which is equal to the remodeling or construction of more than 300 rooms.

It doesn’t end here…

NH Hotel group has spent years advocating for environmental sustainability. We have focused on reducing CO2 emissions, water and energy consumption, and waste reduction… and we will continue to do this! As Mónica Chao Janeiro, NH Hotel Group Director of Environment and Sustainability, confirms “this initiative was very well received and its fantastic results encourage us to continue researching and implementing projects that promote responsible environmental practices in our work”.



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