Earth Hour 2010

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An hour for the environment

At NH we care about the environment which is why this year we will be participating in Earth Hour.The big switch off will take place on Saturday the 27th of March between 8.30pm and 9.30pm.

The campaign launched by the WWF aims to raise awareness about climate change. Anyone can participate in Earth Hour; all you have to do is turn off the lights!

At NH we will turn off the lights on the façades of 289 of our hotel establishments during Earth Hour. This will include some of our most emblematic hotels, such as the NH Constanza in Barcelona, the NH Amsterdam Centre in Holland, and the NH City & Tower in Argentina.

NH Constanza will be switching their lights off, will you?

NH Constanza will be switching their lights off, will you?

So if you’re wondering what to do during the hour of darkness? Here are just a few ideas:

  • How about an hour of meditation in the dark?
  • Or a game of torch lit hide and seek?
  • A shadow puppet show using candle lamps and cut-out figures
  • A candlelit dinner?

If none of these ideas take your fancy then you can participate in one of the many events being held around the globe to celebrate Earth Hour. From an outdoor concert in Madrid to watching the lights on the Eiffel tower fade in Paris…

  • posted by Mark | 25 March 2010, 11:36,

    My friend just told me about this. I guess if I’m out and about I’m subconsciously doing it, but it doesn’t seem voluntary…

    I’d also freak out if the lights went out on the metro!

  • posted by Sid | 25 March 2010, 12:30,

    1) just so you now, the thing at the top says 2d comments.

    2) i’m becoming more environmentally aware lately without realising it… i just wish the things that i wanted to do werent so bad for the environment!

    3) ive bookmarked this blog now, and i scrolled down and did some of those exersises from a coupleof months back. thanks NH.

  • posted by Emma Hill | 25 March 2010, 16:48,

    Spead the word! Everyone needs to take part in Earth Hour. Can you imagine what an impact it would make if everyone in the world took part?! Total blackout for an hour! I know that in London they are turning out the light on some of the most famous landmarks-exiting! Love the blog NH, let me know when there are new posts to read. Emma

  • posted by Robin | 25 March 2010, 16:51,

    Unfortunately, I’m not in Madrid or Paris so I won’t be able to take part in the events you mentioned but I will take part in the comfort of my living room at home with a few candles!

  • posted by Jess | 25 March 2010, 16:59,

    I’ve just heard about this on the local news and then came across the blog when searching for something to do during Earth Hour. I like the torch light hide and seek idea, sounds like fun!

  • posted by Ang | 26 March 2010, 12:41,

    lol woow this is so cool!! as i’m in Paris i think i’ll go to the Eiffel Tower!

    When is the big black out going to happen? let me know so i can inform all parisians lol
    Keep up the blogging i’m really enjoying reading them son muy interesantes!!:)

  • posted by Ang | 26 March 2010, 12:44,

    i think i need t meditate right now im stressed!! but maybe ill save it for when i’m sitting under the Tour Eifel on Saturday!! i just saw u mentioned the time and date above!!

  • posted by Isabella | 27 March 2010, 4:31,

    Earth Hour was great on Saturday night! I went down to Retiro Park in Madrid! Thanks for the ideas NH.

  • posted by Mark | 29 March 2010, 15:46,

    I went with a few awesome people I know to the Retiro Park in Madrid too, the time went really quickly and I think it was good doing a bit for the planet.


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