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NH is committed to sustainability, and one of our main aims in our quest to become more Eco friendly and reduce our environmental footprint is to reduce our Co2 emissions, water consumption, energy consumption and waste generation, all by 20% by 2012.

20-20-20-20 plan

20-20-20-20 plan

What are we doing now?

The NH Sustainable Club

The aim of the NH Sustainable Club is to get together with the most environmentally responsible suppliers of the hotel chain, and together develop actions and plans that will reduce the impact upon the planet.

It was created in 2008 with suppliers from across the globe (including USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Holland) and recently had its second annual meeting in Berlin, this time with an additional 13 members, making the total number of members 32. During the second and third quarter of the running year, 4 new members have joined this innovation laboratory and the club is currently composed of 36 members.

NH Sustainable Club video – 1st year

NH Sustainable Club video – 2nd year

New Hotels

As existing hotels make changes to their day to day running, new hotels are designed with the Strategic Environmental Plan 2008-2012 in mind. NH Dresden Altmarkt was opened in August and meets the highest environmental standards following the principles of energy saving and sustainability. For example:

  • It uses the next generation of LEDs
  • They have parking spaces equipped for recharging electricity powered cars
  • It uses new updated insulation methods.
  • New Technology

    New methods and new technology is constantly being developed, enabling companies like NH to reduce their carbon footprint. In 2009, NH launched a new range of amenities using these new methods that are designed to be more eco friendly and less polluting. Some of the improvements NH hotels have implemented until now are:

  • Low-energy consuming light bulbs
  • Eco-efficient electrical appliances
  • Substitution of traditional minibars for energy-saving ones
  • Aerators have been installed in faucets and showers
  • Oxo – biodegradable elements development
  • New meeting concept development: Ecomeeting
  • Carbon offsetting program
  • Digital Invoicing.
  • Results so far

    In the first quarter of 2010 NH announced that it is well on its way to meeting the 20% reduction targets for 2012. Achievements so far are:

  • Up to 23% reduction on energy consumption (per guest and overnight stay)
  • 32% reduction on water consumption
  • 25% reduction of CO2 emissions
  • 25% reduction of waste production.
  • Future ideas?

    Reducing our environmental footprint is an ongoing process; therefore it is important to think not just in terms of the here and now, but of the future and what more could we be doing?

    The Eco-Toilet

    In collaboration with the Spanish Instituto Tecnologico del Agua, NH Hotels has been studying new ways of saving water. For example how to install flow reducers, double flushing toilets and how to reuse drain water, thus generating major savings in water consumption. Some ideas presented have even included zero water consumption toilets which mean that the urinals use no water when flushing.

    Within the NH Sustainable Club, we are working on a project with one of its members. It consists on developing a new solution to save water consumption per flush. We have calculated that if this system could be implemented, we can save up to 25% on current water consumption.


    NH is now working with ReCork, a cork recycling program. NH hotels now gather corks from bottles of wine and champagne consumed daily in the company’s hotels in special containers. These corks are then reused to make floor coverings, which is then in turn used in the hotels. Cork is more eco-responsible than usual timber which has 4 times more CO2 emissions, or vinyl which has up to 11 times more CO2 emissions.

    NH Sustainable Club currently has more than 20 ongoing projects which include themes of lower consumption, corporate social responsibility and better practices.

    You can follow them at:

    We expect to develop and put many of our ideas into practice across our complete portfolio of hotels to ensure that we are being as Eco friendly as possible.

    For further reading about Green NH, check out our previous article NH Eco Concious and Top Tips for Reducing your Carbon Footprint.

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