How to Pack for a City Trip

By Carlota Nelson | 10:30

Soon, you´ll be ready to enjoy that much needed break.  You´ll be off to discover a new city or explore one of your all-time favourites. Whatever the case may be, the last thing you want to do is pay for that extra luggage or spend some of your precious time waiting for your checked bags to appear. Remember: this is your break and when you think about it (realistically), you could really get through 2 or 3 days with no more than a carry on. Last month it was all about traveling with style, about less being more and we clued you in on all the latest travel essentialsThis time round, we´ll share some expert advice on strategic packing methods. 

First, let´s get rid of some of the common errors that even experienced travellers make. Try to avoid the what if situations: what if it rains, what if I get invited to a fancy party, what if the weather turns and it´s suddenly terribly hot and… All this thinking does is make you over pack.  So if what if… really does happen, you´ll have to deal with it when it does. Besides, one of the pleasures of traveling is to simply let go with the flow, do something different and improvise, at least a little.

Essentials: If you remember your essential daily needs such as your wallet, passport, phone (with camera?) and any medications you might need, you’re already halfway there.

Clothes: Surely you have clothes that are double duty: classy and comfortable, casual yet elegant and colours that complement each other. Black, Navy, White and Khaki pretty much go with everything and the rule of thumb is: pants and skirts get worn for 2-3 days so now it´s just a question of shirts (breathable, cotton items are better) or blouses and some essential accessories that will help you change a casual day outfit into something cool to wear at night. A blazer or jacket, foulards in the case for men and scarves for women.

Toiletries: before you pack your toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, face wipes etc.… why not find out what amenity kits they have available? You´ll be surprised by how many of your toiletries you can leave at home.

Good shoes: a pair for walking and a pair that will work for day and night.

Plane Outfit:  Wear comfortable clothes and remember to layer. Temperatures on board and at airports tend to be a bit chilly. Do you need to take that winter coat and those boots with you? If the answer is yes, don´t pack them, wear them.


How to Pack

We´ve talked to travellers and experts alike and these are their recommended strategic packing methods:

No Empty Spaces: This method consists in leaving no empty spaces. In other words, you fill in every corner of your bag, including that extra purse, shoes and jacket pockets. Stuff them with electrical chargers, sunglasses and socks.

Rolling: Many travellers choose to roll their clothes as that makes room for more and they survive the trip wrinkle-free. And yes, we´re talking dresses, pants, skirts and shirts. Lay each item face down, fold back the sleeves and then roll from the bottom up.

Layering or The Bundle Approach: The basic idea is to create a cushion between clothes and where they´re folded so they arrive to your destination crease and wrinkly free. By layering garments over one another, it allows each layer to pad the next. Take two pairs of trousers or pants and lay half of one on top of the other. Then, fold the one on the bottom over the pair on the top. Remember to button the fronts of shirts, and the jacket.

If you´re worried about wrinkles and creases, a good option is cover your clothes with a dry-cleaning bag. The slippery surface won´t allow your clothes to stay in one place long for very long. Some people even place a plastic bag between each layer of clothing.  But remember, practically all hotels have irons and ironing services available. 

Less is more and hassle free. We wish you a safe and enjoyable travel.  

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