Hugh Jackman and Neill Blomkamp: Holograms for a Day

By NH | 12:50

Once again, NH has had an extraordinary experience! Our NH Collection Eurobuilding was host to the first holographic press conference in the history of the Cinema. The reason for the conference was none less than the presentation of Chappie, Sony Pictures’ new science fiction project which will premiere in Spain on Friday March 13th.  Well known Australian actor Hugh Jackman (X-Men, The Wolverine) participated in the event as well as Neill Blomkamp (Elysium, District 9), a Canadian director originally from South Africa. This ‘miracle’ was made possible thanks to the Musion holographic telepresence technology, installed in NH Collection Eurobuilding (Madrid) where the public and press gathered and in nhow Berlin where the actor and director of Chappie were located. A gray screen placed on the ground reflected the projected image of the protagonists in 3D, so that they appeared to be present and the attendees could interact with them in real time. 

The presence of  Jackman and Blomkamp’s holograms caused a lot of excitement. The event was covered by important media outlets, among them La Sexta, Antena 3, TVE and Telemadrid. One of the highlights of the press conference was Hugh Jackman being asked if the development of holographic technology would mean that actors would use this system for all future press conferences. The Australian was quick to respond “I’m not going to stop travelling, at least to Spain, because I love it”. Once the event was over, the actors disappeared from the stage as if by magic. 

Even though holographic technology is no longer science fiction, the plot of Chappie still belongs to the genre. In the film, two gangsters, played by members of the South African musical duo Die Antwoord, kidnap Chappie, a robot gifted with artificial intelligence who is able to learn and think for himself. He is the first of his kind and they intend for him to be the last because of the threat that he poses to mankind. Given the technological component of the film, the idea of having the press conference via this unique holographic technology matched perfectly with the plot of the film. 

At NH Hotel Group we are committed to the innovation and development of technology in service of our clients, with the end goal of improving their experience in our hotels. 3D holographic technology has recently been installed and is already present in NH Collection Eurobuilding (Madrid), nhow Berlin and in NH Collection Constanza (Barcelona). In addition, it is being installed in 9 more hotels with the goal of being available for events and business and leisure meetings. Learn more about the application of innovation and technology in our hotels by watching the following video:




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