5 ice bars from all around the world

Although having dinner or drinks “al fresco” or  in a “open air” space is more popular while summer time, at some cities heat is so hard to beat that it’s almost impossible to stay outside for a cool and refreshing plan. Having a nice meal in a restaurant or even clubbing can be a bit of a nightmare if the place is not properly ventilated and cooled. Yet here there are some places where you can have a frizzing plan.

You probably have already heard of ice bars around the world. Initially, this trendy and icing type of bars used to be exclusive from north European cities, and just Scandinavian citizens could go there to dive into the igloo’s lifestyle. Now, it seems that this gelid bars are getting more and more popular every day and they have arrived to the hottest cities around the world. Do you fancy some freezing action? Don’t forget your gloves and go for it!

London Absolute Ice bar  – absoluticebar.com

At a constant temperature of 5 Celsius degrees throughout the year, the Absolute Ice Bar is literally the most refreshing place of all London. The entire bar is made of ice crystals from northern Sweden, including walls, tables, chairs… Even the glasses in which cocktails are served! Visitors enjoy the experience for 40 minutes and tickets include the use of special clothing to manage the low temperatures.

Frozen in Stockholm – absoluticebar.com

It is very popular among both travelers and locals and it will be celebrating soon its 10th anniversary. The bar is kept  at minus 5 all year long, so frizzy. Furniture, walls, sculptures… everything is made of ice!  If you are thinking get into the bar with your summer outfit… just forget about it! Staff in the bar will give you warm clothes to keep you body far from the dangerous of being under 0º degrees.

Chill Out Dubai – chilloutatdubai.com

An ice cold oasis in the middle of the dessert. These kind of bars turn into something incredibly interesting when they move to a warm place, for example hottest Dubai. The contrast with the high temperatures outside makes the Chill Out Dubai and unforgettable experience! The atmosphere is also very glamorous and you will fine the finest guest in that bar.

The chill on Melbourne – chillon.com.au

Although temperatures in Melbourne are not as extreme as they are in Dubai, the city can get quire hot in the summer. That’s the perfect time to visit this Ice bar. There you can enjoy a drink surrounded by more than 30 tonnes of carved ice. And, again, everything within the ice lounge is made ​​of ice – from the bar to the couch in the lounge. Even the glass that you drink from!

Minus 5 experience – minus5experience.com

Located in New Zealand, it is an ice bar where you can touch, feel, and explore handcrafted ice sculptures and ice architecture made ​​from 100% pure Canadian ice. Before the tour starts, visitors are invited to use Eskimo-like clothing to protect themselves from the cold which includes insulated ice jackets, gloves and boots. Once inside the bar, visitors are in an icy wonderland full of amazing hand-crafted ice sculptures and furniture where you can also enjoy delicious cocktails!

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