New NH Hoteles Blog Welcoming

By Sergio González | 12:56


We would like to give you a grand welcome to our fresh brand new blog! Spic-and-span design, revised content and everything you asked us for; we have listened and here comes the result with the only aim to be in better touch with you and share whatever interesting things are going on in our world!

From now on, our blog will be raised from three different angles:

  • NH Universe, where every month a new subject will be dealt with. This June we will start with the yummiest of them all: gastronomy. From the best food apps for our smartphones all the way to how to grow your own vegetables with urban harvests or a new organic business based on the successful Facebook online game Farmville. July will be devoted to the most astonishing destinations our planet has to offer, from classy gin n’ tonics from every corner of the world to the best ten beaches in Spain and in August, since it could not have turned out any other way given Euro Cup and the 2012 Olympic Games, we will pay tribute to sports. Keep in touch to find out about new posts and updates.
  • Tourism Trends, from a professional point of view, hospitality business, its trends and evolution will be met. We will host interviews with outstanding personalities from the tourism industry and we will listen to experts and experienced entrepeneurs of the sector.
  • NH Friends.  A forum where our hotel and restaurant staff share ideas, from around the globe, alongside with our customer’s opinions and reviews will be posted and commented. Get to know each NH hotel from firsthand. Do not hesitate to join us in this free speech posting where anything you have to say while staying with us will have its own place.

Thanks to all our readers! We are really happy to share with you the NH adventure which is about to start. Come join us!

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