NH Eurobuilding, a truly green hotel

By Sergio González | 11:49

NH Eurobuilding rooms monitor consumption to optimise our resources

So called green tourism or eco-tourism is often regarded as an adventurous trip to some natural reserve or wonder of our planet, but it couldn’t be further away from true respectful tourism.

You can find tons of green offers to go canoeing in the Amazon jungle or bird watching in Africa but, surprisingly, you arrive there on a highly pollutant 4×4 just to find yourself steering a diesel motor canoe. This is not eco-friendly at all.

Being eco-friendly means being respectful.

Improve, reduce and recycle it’s the green mantra. You have to get you know your impact on the environment and once you do so, start taking care of your stuff.

That’s what the guys at NH Eurobuilding in Madrid have been doing.

We usually see too much effort from some companies spent in convincing us how green they are going –USA Federal Government has just made a warning– while they could be using the money to really become green efficient organizations. The point is not to look like one but to be one.

NH Hoteles has been the first ISO 50001 certified hotel chain in the world; in our commitment to clean and efficient energy, NH Eurobulding is the jewel of the crown and it’s setting an example for our other hotels to follow.

NH Eurobuilding worked in partnership with Siemens to launch a very bold energy program; so new, they had to design prototypes. High-tech monitoring gadgets were installed on taps and lamps in a couple of rooms to measure how guests use lights, water and other devices and switches; it is, our consumption patterns when we don’t sleep at home. 

After the due analysis was conducted, prototypes became reality in the form of efficient irooms and isuites. They notice when you leave and everything is turned off automatically -even blinds will close themselves to avoid losing heat. Obviously, the lighting is 100% LED and smart isolating materials cover the room saving precious amounts of energy.

This is a win a win deal for everybody. The hotel -or any building- sees an important reduction in energy bills -the more efficient, the greener- and guests can stay in domotic rooms where air or light conditions can be easily customized to their liking.

But watch out what you do, you’ll get your carbon footprint compared to an average hotel along your checking-out. How well do you think you would perform? Actually, you don’t have to worry at all; as we said, rooms are intelligent and automatic.

NH Eurobuilding it’s the paradigm of a better future where prosperity and innovation are understood through sustainability; the restaurant only serves organic food grown locally and you can reduce your CO2 emissions to zero supporting a hydro-power project in Brazil. If you’re arranging a green meeting of any kind in Madrid, there’s no more suitable place.

A perfect hotel for business, right in the middle of Madrid’s financial district, NH Eurobuilding is also next to an area full of chic bars and restaurants. It’s fancy and elegant enough to close deals with the biggest but also functional and designed with noise cancelling rooms and a luxury spa to help you relax once you’ve finished.

Spanish AVE is the largest high-speed rail system in Europe

Travelling to and from Madrid is very easy, every single Spanish road ends up in Madrid, and it’s both cheap and eco-friendly if you take advantage of AVE – Spanish high speed trains- web offers.

Spain has dozens of airports operating but a great deal of territory can be covered on less pollutant high speed rails, reaching 195 mph. Air shuttle between Madrid and Barcelona takes an hour and a quarter on air plus getting to and from both airports plus security looking for threats in your shoes; around three hours- if you travel light and skip checking in- from one downtown to another.

You can drop on an AVE next to FC Barcelona Stadium and two hours later drop off by Prado Museum in Madrid. The official data says AVE is four times cleaner than flying and three times better for the environment than driving but it also performs astoundingly as a money and time saver.

Photo Credit: NH Hoteles

Photo Credit: Sharon Hahn Darlin

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    I love adventure trip very much. And very exciting to hear the news about NH Hotel and their ISO:50001. The rooms are pleasant and attract the tourist peoples… I want also eager to stay in this room after seeing this image. Thanks for providing an useful information…..

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    Thank you for your comment! Do you stay at our hotels often? Visit our blog daily for more interesting posts! 😉


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