NH Global Customer Summit: An Occasion to Discuss the Current State of the Events and Travel Sector

By NH | 12:22

At NH, we believe that it is essential to be up to date on what’s happening in the tourist sector through events that host professionals from all over the world.

For this reason, it has been a pleasure for us to organize the NH Global Customer Summit “Travel & Meetings Reality Check”, which was held on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of November at NH Collection Constanza in Barcelona and whose purpose was to thoroughly analyze the current situation that the meetings sector is experiencing in relation to travel. This is an extremely important and constantly changing segment of the tourist sector.

International experts and members of our Group participated in the summit and shared their point of view on topics like creativity, the future, clients, and changes, including: Amon Cohen, Director of TravelWord; Deborah Short, Global Travel Manager at Willis; Luis Aparicio, Senior Global Account Manager at Amadeus IT Group; and Eric Billaut, Director of Supplier Management & Procurement EMEA at American Express.

After a welcome from Hugo Rovira, our Managing Director of Spain, Portugal and Andorra, the first day began with an inspirational talk from Paralympic swimmer Enhamed Enhamed, who shared his life experiences and motivated all of the participants with his strength and spirit of overcoming adversity.

Our COO, Rufino Pérez, spoke next about our Group’s perspectives, goals, and strategies for the future.

There was also time to network, enjoy a drink, and end the day with a dinner at our Hesperia Tower hotel.

The second day began with a welcome from Catherine McGavok, Regional VP-EMEA at GBTA, followed by the first session of the day: “Creativity in Motion”, led by Amon Cohen, Director of TravelWord, and Andreas J. G. Wellauer, the CEO of GALIANT. Both reflected on the current and profound creative needs of the business travel and meetings sector, putting several alternatives and solutions on the table.

The following session focused on the client and client needs, attempting to better understand what clients really want and how to offer it to them. Carlos Sánchez, Manager of Big Data Analytics and Product Innovation at CWT, Deborah Short, Global Travel Manager at Willis, and Inmaculada Martínez-Ruiz, VP of Corporate Sales at NH Hotel Group gave their points of view. They presented their experiences and opinions, and the audience voted for their favorite until only one presenter was left on stage in the style of “Room 101”.

Change, specifically how to adapt to and manage it for our benefit, was the theme of the day’s third session, titled “Modelling Change-The Collaborative Distraction” and led by Eric Billaut, Director of Supplier Management & Procurement EMEA at American Express.

To finish the summit, we wanted to discuss “Virtual Reality Check- Intelligent Travel Management” and present our cutting-edge 3D holographic technology. Chris Elmitt, Managing Director of Crystal Interactive, Luis Aparicio, Senior Global Account Manager of Amadeus IT Group, and Verónica González, Business Development Director of our Group discussed the latest technologies and considering the impact, changes, and opportunities they bring. The session also featured the virtual presence of our CEO Federico J. González Tejera who closed the summit that finished with a final dinner at the Don Giovanni Restaurant, located in NH Collection Constanza.

Two days of intense analysis and discussion that helped us all better understand the current state of the sector and gave us ideas and weapons to face the future in the best way possible. We’ll see you at the next summit!



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