NH Hotel Group’s Outstanding Presence at the Annual GBTA Convention

By NH | 13:06

The GBTA (Global Business Travel Association) held its annual convention in the city of Orlando, Florida (USA) from the 25th to the 29th of July 2015. The event hosted more than 7,000 participants and 400 companies with exhibitions, including NH Hotel Group.

The slogan for this year was #sharing, referring to the need to share ideas between providers and companies for whom employee and director travel expenses make up much of the annual budget.

Rufino Pérez Fernández, our Chief Commercial Officer, participated in a panel on the 27th of July called “Differentiating Brands in the Sharing Economy”, along with Guy Landford (Deloitte), Chip Conley (Airbnb), Greg Stubblefield (Enterprise Holdings), and Kaye Ceille (Zipcar). Our CCO highlighted the importance of offering customers an experience that builds loyalty and trust, given that technology (another pillar of our group) for the sake of technology doesn’t make sense. He also indicated that the eruption of new businesses in the market poses “a challenge that drives us to improve”.


 Also, there were another two panels called “The Future of Airline Competition” and “The Future of Travel Distribution”. Conference attendees also enjoyed presentations from individuals such as Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple, and the actor Kevin Bacon, among others. Another highlight of this event were the 80 workshop focused on travel education and held throughout the week.

The GBTA is the first global association of “business, travel and meeting organizations”. It has members on six continents, is committed to bringing together travel sector businesses and large multinationals to make the process of managing business traveler’s trips more efficient through agreements between members.

In each region in which the GBTA is present, they periodically host conferences, workshops, and meetings on a wide range of topics related to the business travel sector. Additionally, this convention is held annually, and is attended by its members and market leaders on a large scale. The previous edition was held in Los Angeles, California (USA) and after this year’s Orlando edition it will travel to Denver, Colorado (USA) in 2016.

This indispensable meeting for those who are dedicated to the travel industry had its crowning moment for NH Hotel Group when our most leading technology, the hologram, was presented. Thanks to this technology, attendees were able to be at GBTA’s convention and Amsterdam at the same time!



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