New NH Express

NH is proud to present its new concept of hotel… NH EXPRESS!


Looking for cheap rates, fast service and a comfortable stay, then NH Express is the hotel for you.

What’s on offer?


-Double room for up to 59€

-Free Wifi

-Free Continental Buffet Breakfast

Where can you find us?

NH Express are currently operating in Spain; Madrid and Zaragoza &  aim to be up and running in Holland and Italy before the end of this year.

Sleep, eat and connect for up to 59€ at  NH Express!


  • posted by María | 30 September 2009, 16:21,

    I really like this new concept!! Great idea!!

  • posted by Miriam Smith | 30 September 2009, 16:33,

    I like the fact that you can get free WIFI in all the hotel and not just in the reception as this is quite annoying! Yes i agree great idea 🙂

  • posted by Totteoki | 30 September 2009, 16:53,

    Congratulations NH Hotels !

    I like the way you innovate in Marketing stuff on a continous basis.

    Is this rate also available for Japanese tourists ?

  • posted by Angela Inniss | 08 October 2009, 9:52,

    This is a great idea promotions, keep the good ideas rollin´!

  • posted by collette | 16 October 2009, 18:45,

    Really like the idea and the page well done NH hotel.

  • posted by Lindsey | 23 October 2009, 13:33,

    Hay guys great idea i want to stay in one of these hotels what is the hotel in Zaragoza like how far is it from the centre?

  • posted by julie | 28 October 2009, 18:34,

    il en a un en france ?

  • posted by julie | 28 October 2009, 18:36,

    il y en a un en france ?

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