5 Reasons to be an NH Rewards Member

By NH | 9:46

Rebooted and ready to go, NH Rewards has been given the update you all deserve. As a new or existing member, our loyalty program offers you more exclusive deals and services than ever before. Why? Because we want you to make the most of your stay with us. There are 4 different statuses to achieve, each one unlocking more benefits than the previous. Whether for leisure or for work, make the most of traveling with us and let NH Rewards help you rediscover your city of stay from a new point of view.

Not a member and still unsure of what our program offers you? Well, here are 5 winning reasons why being a member is worth your time and why being loyal has never been so rewarding.


Special Rates & Promotions

What’s loyalty without exclusive offers? That’s exactly what you get when you’re an NH Rewards member, and that doesn’t apply to new members only. Throughout the year, you have numerous deals and promotions that you can select from to make the most of your vacations and business trips. We care about our guests and want to make sure that they have the best possible experience when in our hotels, and with NH Rewards things only get better. That is why, we also want to reward your loyalty by giving you special rates and deals.

Easy to Upgrade

NH’s rewards program has 4 membership statuses to scale through: blue, silver, gold, and platinum. You start as a blue member upon signing up, and silver is yours after just 5 room night stays! Pretty fast, don’t you think? So you can imagine how simple it is climbing the ladder to platinum status! In the last 5 years, our NH Rewards guests enjoyed their points in more than 500,000 stays. And of course, the more you stay, the services you unlock: such as a free room upgrades, exclusive customer service, premium wifi, and even room guarantee! The advantages are endless, why not take a look for yourself.


Share and donate

One of the most attractive features of our NH Rewards program is that you can share your points! Did you know that you can send points to your friends and family to boost their travels? Trust us, there is nothing better than sending or receiving points. After all, 1 point = 1 Euro! Some members have shocked up with the amount of points they have stored, and together our members have accumulated 80 million of them in the past 5 years… that’s 80 million euros!

What’s more is that with NH Rewards you can also donate your points to those in need, making a difference with each point earned!


Whether the points you have in your account have been earned by you or shared with you, you’ll be happy to know you can use your points beyond our hotels, and that we have several NH Rewards partners that also want to give yours travels that little extra lift. Find out who they are, here.


More Earning Opportunities

From your first stay onward, there are a plethora of situations in which you can earn points. New members get 5 points just for signing up to the program, and from there on you’ll keep on receiving them every time you stay at one of our hotels. Existing members will be happy to know that by booking through our web, you’ll earn points, with more coming your way depending on your status. And, like we said before, the more points you earn, the more you services you can enjoy. When you treat yourself, NH Rewards treats you back!

So, whether you’re a seasoned NH Rewards member or new to the community, there is no doubt that now is the time to be part of it. With each stay, the experience becomes more rewarding, so why not share your time with us with loved ones. Or, like more than 5,000 of our guests, extend your business trip over the weekend to truly get to know your city of stay. There’s never been a better time to sign up with NH Rewards. Get the best experience when you stay with us. Return and relive, start here!