NH Welcomes Aliens

By nh hoteles | 18:29

If any of you have flown to Amsterdam before, I bet the plane ride was a bit dull. Easyjet aren’t known for their exceptional in-flight entertainment packages!

I mean I know people like to read, but those emergency cards aren’t that entertaining. They should say “In case of emergency adopt the brace position once you’ve stopped screaming and changed your pants”

Only that guy next to you spilling hot coffee on his lap made you break into a smile this trip. Mainly because of the panic as he couldn’t undo his seatbelt.

I think it’s pretty obvious that the majority of airports haven’t really got the most attractive surrounding land. Most wildlife quickly migrates to a more tranquil region. Escaping British tourists yelling at locals who don’t speak English.

So, we decided that just to brighten up people’s flight experience we would create a nice bit of aerial art work.

Next Landing

We got our hands on a field just before the runway of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and spelt out NH Hotels (yea we know not the most original, my vote was for a 60 meter Batman symbol).

We would honestly welcome alternative suggestions, but remember the Batman idea was mine!

I imagine that someone out there has read it. I also bet that one ninny has probably commented “what a strange crop-circle”…we just thought that bringing a bit of life to the Amsterdam surroundings would be a nice gift.

Look…we’re not expecting you to choose between visiting the field and the Van Gogh Museum, but we hope that it gives you guys a smile on arrival.

  • posted by Big Phil | 21 July 2009, 12:00,

    What a good idea! great publicity

  • posted by Henrik | 21 July 2009, 12:22,

    I actually saw it when i went to amsterdam. It was the way i heard of NH

  • posted by Marta | 18 November 2009, 13:08,

    This is cool, how did youmanage to do this?


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