Ourense, the unknown city of Galicia

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Ourense,the unknown city of Galicia

It is the only province in Galicia without coast but it have had compensations. Ourense is full of hot springs located along the Miño river that cross from Lugo to the border with Portugal. The area has become an attraction for lovers of hot springs.

Along the river, water comes from deep inside the Earth and emerge with minerals that are recommended for arthritis, rheumatoid ailments and some skin complication as acne and psoriasis. The Chavasqueira wells, in Ourense city, located in front of the river, has two campuses: one public and one private with Japanese style. It is a unique relaxing place where you can enjoy the nature. But the province also has the Pools of Outariz and Burgas Canedo, with several natural pools of cold water and hot water. Natural saunas are used throughout the year by lovers of hot springs.

Located in downtown, Las Burgas are also one of the most visited sites in the old city. There, an inscription on the wall shows the chemical analysis of the water (68 degrees Celsius) and remembers that this fountain is special and one-off.

Ourense was known as the land of the spark by the sharpeners who gathered in the narrow streets to providing services to rural and merchant sellers. But there is no more spark in the streets today and there are few remnants of its rural past. The streets and squares are emptied of modern commerce that have been moved to malls on the suburbs.  

But old and traditional markets still sell local produce as Galician cheeses or smoke cured sausages made with the purest artisanal style. All this stuffs are sold a few meters from Las Burgas. Ribeiro wine, the appellation of origin oldest Galicia, is the most common.

The city has deeply transformed its historic center, abandoned well into the nineties, and now is one of the best preserved in Galicia. A few kilometers from the city, you can go to the Ribeira Sacra, with the River Sil Canyon surrounded by 18 monasteries that can be visited. It is a wonderful and placid environment.


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