Unparalleled relaxation & luxury in our Hesperia Resorts

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NH Hotel Group has carefully planned to surprise you with their new resort concept (Hesperia Resorts) so you can indulge in a stay of unparalleled relaxation and luxury! Discover wonderfully exclusive places, inspired by their natural surroundings and enjoy the true beauty of the world!

From crystal clear water to the most incredible palaces, all of which provide the highest quality services and a level of relaxation you cannot imagine. Situated in stunning locations, they are the perfect choice for couples and families who need the ideal combination of rest and enjoyment. They offer a wide range of services and leisure activities. These destinations will turn your dreams into reality.

When in Spain…

Have you ever heard of Sotogrande? Some of the richest and most powerful families of Spain have summer homes here, in the largest privately owned residential development in Andalusia, and located in Cadiz, southern Spain. Twenty square kilometres (8 sq. mi) stretch from the Mediterranean Sea and back into the foothills of Sierra Almenara. Cork forests, marshlands, stunning beaches and lush green fields.

Sotogrande has been designated a National Park, Wildlife and Nature Reserve, providing travellers with unobstructed views of the estuary, its wildlife and in particular the migratory birds, on their route to and from Africa.

The magnificent four-star NH Sotogrande hotel is located in the heart of Sotogrande, along the popular Costa del Sol in Andalusia. Near the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, easy access to the motorway and surrounded by some of the best golf courses in Spain. From the comfort of your spacious room and the pool, you’ll be able to relax or have a siesta while hearing the waves gently break on the beach. Beauty treatments, massages, Jacuzzi… it´s all been planned to make your stay unforgettable.

In the last several years, the idea behind getting away from it all and relaxing is all about staying in amazing places and spending your days cycling, strolling, sampling the local food & wines and giving into wonders of being pampered. And Lanzarote is an excellent choice to do just that with its  vineyards, volcanoes, paradise beaches and stunning landscapes.

The island’s volcanic origins and rain-free climate mean that you can enjoy this island all year round. Registered as a Unesco Biosphere Reserve, where high-rise buildings and billboard advertising are not allowed, you´ll be able to discover this unique volcanic island just 37 miles long by 12 miles wide.

The Hesperia Lanzarote hotel is located on the easternmost island of the Canary archipelago and offers you the serenity of your surroundings. Panoramic views, complimentary drinks, swimming pools, restaurants, bars, extensive gardens, a unique volcanic sand beach complete with a pier and our famous Spa and Sports Club will give you the chance to unwind and surrender to sublime relaxation.


In Galicia, northern Spain, are the Rias Baixas (Lower Estuaries) well-known for its beautiful scenery, beaches, mild climate and exquisite seafood.  Close by, connected by a bridge, is the small island of La Toja, one of the most stylish resorts in Galicia and known for its wonderful spas and healing waters. The legend says that a man left his dying donkey on the island only to return and find him alive and youthful. The famous Spanish La Toja brand has been making mineral salt-based soaps here since the early 20th century.

The Hesperia Isla de la Toja hotel is the ultimate destination for relaxation and rejuvenation. Our exclusive Spa and Thermal Club offers an expansive indoor/outdoor facility for health and wellness. Just sit back and take in the panoramic sea views. Or indulge at the spa, where you´ll have trouble choosing from the full menu of services: mineral baths, massages, wraps and aromatherapy treatments.

Stretching about 50km along the southern side of the Sorrentine Peninsula, is the famous Amalfi Coast one of Europe´s most breath taking. Terraced cliffs, scented lemon groves and the vast blue horizon. Amalfi began attracting tourists in the early 1900´s. Later, it inspired writers, musicians and artists. Today it is one of the world´s top destinations for jet setters, experienced travellers and couples who just want to kick back and relax and springtime is the perfect season.

The Best of Italy

Perched 80 meters above sea level, the Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi has been one of the most significant monuments of the entire Coast. It´s beauty has long been a source of inspiration for painters, photographers and travellers from around the world. Housed in a 12th-century monastery, the hotel includes a 13th-century Norman-Arab cloister.


Without having to leave the hotel premises, you can enjoy a breath-taking walk overlooking the coastline. Awarded with a Certificate of Excellence, the hotel also features the “Dei Cappuccini“ Restaurant, where you´ll continue to admire the stunning views while having a meal al fresco in its spectacular terrace.  Are you daydreaming of lying down and taking in the most spectacular view in the world from the best possible place?  Dream no more. Just make it happen.

Photo Credits (Lanzarote): Tony Hisgett



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