10 apps to design a better life

By Sergio González | 10:37

Interior design, easier than ever with augmented reality apps

So you decided to DIY-decorate your house. You tell yourself you can save money for better furniture and that it’s going to be so much fun. Cool, but soon you realize that you have no skills, just a bunch of messy ideas. Simply chill and download -apps are here to help! 

If you recently had to furnish a new house or are a regular audience for house improvement TV shows you already know that watching a 3D version of your future new living space is cool, but also very handy to really have an idea of the results.

SnapShop app is bringing this augmented reality dream into home decoration. Wondering if a Swedish couch will fit? Choose among the huge list of furniture from the biggest manufacturers and drag them over the place you want. No more hard working hours drawing and designing, just easy breezy tapping and dragging

If the color matching of your clothes is usually a concern for your friends, you should totally get a color palette app. Try any combination you like and get advice on the best color combinations, trends or how to paint a sunny room or a too high one.

Measuring walls and distances between structures is the first thing to do – you must know the canvas you are dealing with. However, drawing the lines into some 3D meaningful draft isn’t that easy, damn quirky spatial intelligence. The solution is Photo Measure Lite  -take a picture of the room in matter and simply draw the measurements on it.

Honey, can you hang that lovely picture we bought in Amsterdam? But, please, can it be less crooked than the last one?-. Ok, relax. All odds are that you have a smartphone rather than a level but downloading iHandy Level you have it all. Let’s all embrace rectitude.

 Yard Sale Mapper only works in the USA but it’s worth mentioning because isn’t it handy to have a list of all the yard sales around?

Ok, let’s say you learned some skills while making the first home improvements and DIY projects are now your favorite me-time, so it’s time to go pro.

Home Interior Layout Designer is like those drawing apps above but way more accurate and complete, able to produce a professional home designer drawing. It’s perfect for laying out your space and to have an idea of how it would ‘feel’ because this app lets you skin surfaces with fabrics and many other materials.

Once into decoration why not go all the way and flirt with larger home improvement projects. Handy Man DIY is like a recipe app but for home improvement projects instead of delicious cakes. Every endeavor comes with the list of ingredients, how-to instructions and usually a guide-through video too. 

Sun Seeker 3D is cool and handy for anyone but those living away from the Tropics can really make a good use of it. Sun Seeker allows you to trace and see in augmented reality the pattern of sunlight in one room. Just point your cell phone to the sun and this app will calculate and show in real time the sunrise, the sunset and the movement of the sun and light in your house.

What apps help you design a better life? 

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